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Two trends shaping the overall business technology market are mobility and usability. Consumer experiences are driving expectations for business; this includes the handling of business documents.

This post will review how the latest document management systems integrate mobile and user-friendly features. Document management is defined as the use of a computer system and software to store, manage, and track electronic documents—including images or documents captured with a document scanner.

Mobile-optimized document management features

Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends research shows that 62% of individuals with a smartphone use that mobile device for work. That figure is approximately 40% for tablets.

Figure: Do you currently use a smartphone/tablet for work activities? Please select all that apply.
Source: Mobile Impact on Print (Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends)

Certain document management systems capitalize on the growth in mobile device use at work with such features as:

  • Document management apps for mobile devices
  • Systems optimized for mobile device use
  • Connectors to popular cloud services
  • Automatic notifications sent to email

As time goes on, Keypoint Intelligence/InfoTrends would expect more mobility features to be built into document management systems. For example, this may include the ability to access a document management from a smartwatch or other wearable technology.

Usability-optimized document management features

Usability is similarly a growing focus for corporate IT decision makers and users. Workers expect their business technology to function in a manner similar to their consumer technology. This means document management systems must have an intuitive interface across devices (e.g., PCs, mobile devices, multifunction printers).

Specific user-friendly features may include:

  • Clean, well-organized layout
  • Powerful document/content search functionality
  • Easy to access and search help database
  • Wizard that helps users navigate key features

Other relevant trends

A balance should be struck between features that simplify the use of document management systems, and security features that ensure only authorized users access these systems. This is particularly true when the technology is being used in industries or departments that handle sensitive and/or confidential information.

Other trends that are shaping document management system development include a move toward cloud computing, faster turnaround times for clients, and support for multiple languages.

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