Category: Print Management

If you work in a marketing role, you know the importance of meeting deadlines and being efficient. If you fall behind schedule, it’s quite possible a client will be disappointed or a campaign will be less effective.

One way organizations can try to maximize efficiency is through the use of a light production printer for marketing output. This blog post will discuss several ways the practice can quicken workflows and job completion.

Time savings from immediate access to printer

If your company has its own light production printer, you can theoretically start using the device right away. There’s no need to find a print service provider who can do the work for you. In addition, you don’t need to wait for this provider to find time for your specific job. As long as you know what you want to print, you can print it.

Time savings during proofing process

When you do your own printing, the proofing process can be made much quicker. There’s no need to go back and forth with a third party about whether the proofs are adequate. You can take a look at the printout, determine whether it’s sufficient, and then make your final print. This also eliminates the need to travel to the print shop to see the proofs in person.

Time savings due to print speeds

Compared to office-class printers, light production printers have higher print speeds. Generally speaking, these devices are capable of printing at 70 pages per minute or higher. When a company has a large batch of marketing materials, this advantage can really cut down on the time to print. This gives a company more time to complete other important tasks.

Time savings after job completion

Once the job has been printed, organizations can distribute the materials immediately. Whether this means by mail, in person, or via another method altogether, there is no time waiting for the prints to arrive from a print service provider. This could speed up distribution by a couple of days, which could make the difference between a successfully executed campaign and one that doesn’t go as planned.

When organizations have their own light production printer, they can really speed up the printing of marketing materials. This includes the proofing process, the process of printing the end product, and the distribution of these materials. Given the importance of deadlines and quick turnaround times in marketing, this benefit can prove invaluable. Contact us to get started with your in-house production printing.