Category: Mobile Printing

How can mobile printing help my organization? It might not seem obvious, but there are many benefits to enabling mobile printing for employees and even others interacting with your company. This post will review the definition of mobile printing as well as the key benefits provided by this capability.

What is mobile printing?

Mobile printing is a simple concept. It’s basically the ability to send a print job with one’s mobile device. A mobile device could be a smartphone, tablet computer, or lightweight laptop computer. In some cases, the print job takes place right away. In other cases, the job must be released at the printer or multifunction device.

Benefit #1: enhanced productivity

Organization are always trying to boost the productivity of their workers. One way to achieve this is through providing them with the right technology and software for their jobs. Mobile printing solutions enable workers to print in a wide variety of locations, as no PC work station is needed. This means they could theoretically print in any building of their work campus, in a train station, or at an industry conference, with little trouble. Having a print right away can potentially help workers complete tasks in a shorter timeframe.

Benefit #2: better customer service

Certain industries and organizations deal heavily with customers and clients. On a given day, they may have dozens (or even hundreds) of customers pass through their doors. Giving these individuals the ability to print from their mobile device, especially when paper is a key component of business processes, can be a real benefit. It can set your organization apart, as well as save individuals time and frustration.

Benefit #3: potential for cost savings

Organizations can opt for a low-cost (or even free) mobile printing solution that reduces the need for printers on site. If they know that their workers have access to printing, wherever they are, they may feel less compelled to have such an extensive print infrastructure within their headquarters or branch offices. Mobile working and public services have certainly caused many companies to reevaluate the need for particular resources on site.

Benefit #4: enhanced flexibility

If you’re equipped for mobile printing, you know you can print at a moment’s notice. As such, you don’t necessarily need to print out documents “just in case.” If you’re traveling, for instance, you can wait to print a file until you definitely need it. Having the flexibility to print at (nearly) any time can lighten your briefcase and give you peace of mind.

Industry-specific benefits

Some industries are highly dependent on paper, including healthcare, legal, and real estate. Some of these industries may also have “mobile” employees. For example, realtors print a lot of paper for their clients and constantly move from one prospective home to another. Having the ability to print from their mobile device—say at a nearby coffee shop or with a portable printer—can be of great service to their clients.

Organization-specific benefits

A great way to determine potential benefits of mobile printing is to speak with employees, contractors, and customers. Would they appreciate this capability? Have they ever encountered a need or desire for mobile printing? How would it help them from a productivity, satisfaction, cost, or flexibility standpoint? You may be surprised at what you learn.