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The growing importance of MFP apps directly mirrors the growth in popularity of online storage/collaboration services such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. That’s because MFPs are the perfect “bridge” between paper content and the digital realm most organizations need them in.

Research conducted by Keypoint Intelligence-Buyers Lab into each MFP maker’s app portfolio showed that the vast majority of apps are centered around document capture/routing, be it to those cloud repositories or more specialized document management and workflow platforms such as DocuWare, DocuShare, and Worldox.

Benefits: Saving time, saving money

When it comes to the anticipated benefits MFP apps can deliver, most customers cited increased productivity as the key benefit, followed by time-savings, and improvements in workflow. And more than one-quarter expect that MFP apps will ultimately save their organization money.


So, how does this relate to your company?

Most organizations would like to improve productivity, save time, and improve workflow. While they may be focused on non-print-related technologies that achieve these goals, it may also be wise for them to consider how print technology fits into the equation. This is particularly the case as nearly half of all business content still remains on paper.

Companies should consider the extent to which they rely on paper-based documents, and whether productivity in this arena should be enhanced. One way MFP apps speed up jobs is by enabling quick access to common workflows. In many cases, these apps can even be customized to individual users, which means that depending on who is logged into the MFP a specific set of apps and settings will be displayed.

As mentioned above, MFP apps can also connect to existing document management or line-of-business applications—removing a number of steps from a typical document process. And increasingly new apps can be downloaded with ease directly from the MFP touchscreen—enabling workplaces to continually extend the functionality of their MFPs.

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