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Process and business automation are becoming an asset to every successful business company. The amount of time and effort it takes to teach a co-worker to create and attach spreadsheets, scan forms into emails, and store them on separate disk drives at random can be inefficient and disorganized. This could lead to the loss of file cloud and documents that could create a poor working environment.

But what if we told you that there was a fast, easier way of accessing all your data content from one database to another without the hassle. A clear managed print strategy developed by Docutrend, is easy to implement.


As companies grow and the number of clients increases so does the amount of paperwork that could lead to a slower workflow. Many businesses have moved on from paper and have entered the first step towards the digital workplace. The benefits of AI range from automatic marketing processes to solving IT operations with new machine learning. Automated document management brings the competence of AI to file management. Down below are the five top benefits of Document Automation.

Automate Manual Processes

Document automation has deeper learning to complete more complex accounting tasks. With metadata and automated processes taking over the more common tasks, it allows workers to work with full autonomy of repetitive tasks.

Apply Structure to Unorganized Data

Most companies communicate with their clients and exchange data through many different sources that range from emails, text messages, letters, and even surveys. Document digitization gets rid of the dull tasks that are usually done by employees.

Partnerships with OCR (optical character recognition) document management platforms use deep-learning algorithms to carry out text, character, and image recognition in more than 200 languages with amazing accuracy. The professional jargon, industry-specific words, and sentiments are interpreted and filtered within AI skills.

Eliminate Human Error

Automated document management platforms are similar to having a person manage documents but it’s ten times better. It uses deep learning to understand how documents should be tagged, grouped, and organized. This is a common error when manually inputting information.

Automation goes the extra mile and takes the document and makes it valuable. It’s as easy as scanning an invoice and receiving a straightforward breakdown of the document schema by extracting key data such as supplier name and address, invoice ID, due dates, payment terms, and sold products or services in less than five seconds.

Deliver Useful Insights

Make faster and better decisions by using backed-up files and giving their information to visualization tools. It can be used to scan emails allowing a deeper knowledge of the vocabulary and customer’s views. All unstructured data will be evaluated.

Bring Order to Chaos

Platforms will organize file clouds by labeling and negating the need for manual reviewing. Backfile scanning with a document management platform can locate key data and authorized applications. Users can find the correct information in the expected locations in the future.

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