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Despite so much of our communication and information transfer going digital, for many businesses printing is still a necessity. However, printing can also be expensive, inefficient, wasteful, and even a security risk. Outsourcing to a Managed Print Service can help make your office printing situation an asset instead of a liability.

What is a Managed Print Service?

A Managed Print Service, or MPS, will partner with you to assess, optimize, and manage your company’s printing environment.

This partnership starts with the MPS gathering insights into your printing costs, inefficiencies, policies, and potential security threats. The MPS will then work alongside you to develop a plan for improving your company’s printing needs, help implement the plan, and manage aspects of your office printing for you on an ongoing basis.

Pros and Cons of MPS

Any good business explores and implements processes and procedures to monitor costs, enhance efficiency, and increase productivity. Many companies do this in IT, human resources, manufacturing, and other areas.

As with any activity you undertake to improve your business, there are pros and cons in outsourcing your printing to an MPS. Here are some to consider:

Pros of MPS

  • Proactive print management. Rather than just reacting, an MPS can keep ahead of ordering supplies and manage preventive maintenance that can help save costs and prevent downtime that can affect productivity.
  • Improved security. An MPS can set up enterprise-level devices with built-in authentication that can encrypt data and manage permissions to confidential information.
  • Remote device management. Remote access to your fleet of printers is a must in today’s business environment and an MPS can set up the ability to access your devices anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Reduced environmental impact. Sustainability and environmental impact have become considerations for many companies today. An MPS can help you limit unnecessary paper usage and reduce wasted supplies that can place a burden on the environment.

Cons of MPS

  • Up-front cost investment. As with any outsourcing endeavor, there are costs, and outsourcing your printing to an MPS requires an initial investment.
  • Initial time investment. Using an MPS will not be completely transparent to your company, nor should it be. Improving your current printing situation will involve updated policies and procedures, which some companies may be slow to implement.
  • Employee training. Along with updating business policies and procedures, users themselves will likely require some training and practice to change their printing habits.

Are the Cons really Cons?

As in any outsourcing, there will be challenges to overcome in working with an MPS. However, the Pros listed above will outweigh the Cons in the long run, and likely even sooner.

Once the initial investment is made, you’ll begin to realize cost savings. Improved policies will improve budgeting and avoid unplanned spending. Employees who understand the new policies and see productivity and cost improvements will get on board adopt new procedures, and adjust their habits.

The bottom line

A final thought: One major U.S. university used MPS to cut its paper use by nine million pages a year. This 22%reduction saved the university US$500,000 annually.

As seen above, by taking a proactive and holistic approach to printing, MPS can help your business reduce costs, improve efficiency, tighten security, provide remote access, and reduce the environmental impact of printing.

The question isn’t can you afford MPS, but can you afford to continue to go without it?

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