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Amid all the hustle and bustle of a modern office, one piece of equipment stands as a silent but true ally: the office copier. It’s not hard to overlook just how much the copier drives office work, but its importance becomes abundantly clear once it, for whatever reason, stops working correctly. The old adage holds true: you don’t know what you have until you lose it.

This article will shed light on the purpose and functionality of office copiers. It aims to do this essential piece of equipment justice and emphasize the need for handling it correctly.

From Single Function to Multifunction

The office copier has come quite a long way since its inception. It still maintains its fundamental functionality but is now so much more than its bare core. No longer limited to only making copies of documents, the modern-day marvel that’s the office copier is a multifunction device boasting features like printing, scanning, and faxing.

All these features are in one handy and compact package. This evolution has given offices a chance to save space while working faster with greater efficacy.

The Digital Revolution

The change in the digital landscape has also changed the game for office copiers. Gone are the days of giant, clunky machines that draw much power but at low efficiency. They served the purpose for a long time but have made way for modern models that boast various extra features to make everyday office tasks easier and quicker to complete.

Copiers make one think primarily of paper and duplicating documents. They still maintain their core functionality that justifies their name and label as an office copier, but they go beyond spitting out reams and reams of paper. Rather, functions like digitization, storage, retrieval, and file sharing make today’s copiers an integral player in transitioning toward a paperless future.

Core Features

Office copiers come in several shapes and forms and at several price points. None is more exceptional than the other, considering every office has different requirements and expectations. But as a general rule, here are some core features to keep in mind:

  • The copier’s speed in pages per minute (PPM) defines how quickly it can print copies. If the office is busy and needs to produce many prints in a short time, a higher PPM would be most beneficial.
  • The resolution, measured in dots per inch (DPI), determines the overall quality of the copies. A higher DPI means more precise, clean, and sharper images and text.
  • The volume is the number of pages a copier can handle per month. Different offices will need to produce varying print volumes per month, so assess this requirement and account for it when deciding on an office copier.
  • The overall build quality may not be the primary factor that comes to mind. For the most part, people are particularly concerned about the functionality. However, a high-quality machine, even if costlier up-front, could mean considerable future savings.
  • The additional features built into modern copiers include, among others, wireless connectivity, automatic document feeder (ADF), duplex printing, and more. Other equipment within your office may already have many features, but they can greatly enhance the copier’s performance, so assess their benefits and choose wisely.

Environmental Impact

As with other electronics, office copiers can have a detrimental impact on the environment. Thankfully, today’s manufacturers are making sustainability a high priority. Many of the newer models offer energy-saving modes, duplex printing for cutting down on paper, and use recycled or recyclable materials for construction. These considerations make the devices more eco-friendly and contribute to a reduced environmental impact of offices using these models.

To help your company become greener, you should go with an office copier with a low environmental impact. It is, therefore, important to research which models can help you meet sustainability quotas.

Physical Prints Still Matter

It’s not hard to overlook the importance of having physical copies of documents for business communication. After all, so much communication happens through email, video call platforms, and online forms. However, the tried-and-true office copier persists. It lets employees physically use, share, and store valuable documents.

Be it essential reports, proposals, or simple memos, a copier expedites disseminating these documents through physical copies, which are sometimes the most accessible to all team members.

Furthermore, copiers prove to be highly useful for preserving records. For legal or archival purposes, businesses must retain copies of essential documents. This is where the copier steps in to provide the most enduring and safest mode of record keeping: the physical copy. When well-kept, duplicates of key records guarantee that companies keep their documents safe regardless of the state of their IT infrastructure or unpredictable circumstances, such as a wide-range power loss.

Office Copiers and Cost Efficiency

It’s no secret that companies must save money to stay afloat. An all-in-one office copier is considerably cost-effective. It consolidates the functions of multiple devices into one sleek machine. Therefore, a multifunction copier can prevent the added expense of purchasing separate machines for copying, printing, scanning, and faxing.

What’s more, modern copiers are chock-full of features that reduce additional operational costs. For example, energy-saving modes cut down on electricity consumption, while duplex printing reduces paper waste and consumption.

Copy With Confidence

The office copier is more than an afterthought. It’s a cornerstone of productivity, having evolved from a mere device to duplicate documents to a multifunctional machine. Consider its speed, resolution, volume, and eco-friendliness when shopping for one. Look for features that work best for your office and give more than they take.

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