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With various factors surrounding everyday life continues to change, working from home has offered employers and employees a sense of stability that would have otherwise been hard to find.

How it Benefits Employers

  • Increasing Productivity & Decreasing Costs
    Studies have shown that employees’ willingness to work more than 40 hours a week increases by 20% when they can do it remotely. This provides employers with a higher level of productivity due to morale being higher within their workforce.  Along with increased productivity, comes a decrease in overall costs. According to a study from Stanford, an estimated $2,000 per employee is saved each year if remote work is allowed.
  • Less Turnover & More Qualified Candidates
    It has also been proven that working from home decreases turnover within companies by 50%. This is said to be due to the heightened levels of happiness from employees regarding their work and towards their superiors. The hiring pool also drastically increases when employers have the opportunity to choose someone based solely on qualifications rather than location.

How it Benefits Employees

  • Increased Productivity & Better Work/Life Balance
    When working from home, employees have the freedom to complete their work on their own schedule, as long as deadlines are being met. Because of the improved work/life balance, many are also able to lead healthier lifestyles.  Studies showed that 70% of telecommuting employees reported an increase in productivity, while 82% reported a decrease in stress levels. As mentioned previously, this directly benefits employers as well due to the increased workload employees take on.
  • Saves Time & Money
    Employees are also able to save time and money spent on transportation. When the commute to work is eliminated, the cost to get there is also eliminated, along with time being saved. There is more opportunity to plan the day efficiently while also utilizing the most productive hours to get work done.

What is needed to Successfully WFH?

When it comes to working from home, there is a multitude of things that can create a more efficient working environment for the company as a whole.

  • Platform for Remote Communication
    Many companies have found a cloud-based platform to be extremely useful because of how it unifies communication and collaboration tools for a remote workforce. A fully integrated platform includes a VOiP phone and chat system, along with video conferencing and collaboration opportunities on team files. Your company’s various communication tools are integrated into one system making them much easier to manage.
  • Managed Services
    Managed services aid in the remote management and development of IT networks and cloud-based document management systems. With consistent monitoring, leading to more uptime companies can increase productivity, mitigate risks; while limiting costs.
  • Capture & Distribution Software
    Capture and Distribution solutions software can help minimize your existing products by essentially turning them into a portal for documents. This means that any paper-based information can be processed into a digital sector, making it easier to distribute and store.
  • Electronic Document Signature
    An electronic signature solution helps to drastically increase the speed at which business is completed. This service allows a remote workforce the ability to create, approve, sign, and deliver documents from anywhere at any time. 
  • Cloud Document Storage
    The cloud might be the most beneficial product remote workers can make use of. It provides employees with easy access to any vital work files on any device with an Internet connection.

With the sudden shift to telecommuting, there also came a need for increased security, something that is extremely prominent in all cloud-based software. In addition to security, cloud-based platforms also offer reliability, flexibility, and scalability – three necessary factors when attempting to manage a company from outside of the office.