happy workers in wide format printing environment

Wide Format Printing & Solutions

Choosing the right wide format printer can be challenging and choosing one to meet your workflow can be overwhelming.

Docutrend wide format experts can you help you help you decide the right wide-format solution for your business needs and create a solution that runs smoothly. We are NY, NJ and PA resellers and service providers of Canon and KIP wide format.

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happy workers in wide format printing environment

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CAD Applications:

 Perfect option for CAD designers who need to create, edit and print plans and drawings. Users can choose color and B&W devices, plus a host of software and workflow solutions.

Graphic Applications:

Choose from multiple wide format products which integrate with top design programs to create consistent and exceptional quality output, for posters, photos, presentations and more.

Production Applications:

No matter what the application is, AEC, CAD or graphics you can count on fast speeds and reliable hardware to get the job done.

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What is Wide Format Printing?

Wide format printing is printing of designs or graphics on paper 18” or wider, either on rolls or precut sheets of paper or other types of materials. It requires the use of special equipment and much larger printers than standard printers or copiers.

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When is Wide Format Printing Needed?

Sometimes 8.5 inches across a piece of paper just isn’t enough. There are many times where you might find yourself taping together multiple pieces of paper to create a large document. 

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Elements of a Wide Format Workflow

Wide format printers are just part of a process for producing output. The entire start-to-finish workflow typically includes preproduction, printing, finishing, and distribution.

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