1. Assess immediate and projected printing needs. We will conduct a review to determine which departments are most print-intensive, project usage trends, and find solutions for more efficient use of your print-based resources going forward.
  2. Match print resources to need. Some departments have more extensive printing needs than others – are they using standard rather than high-capacity printers and copiers to improve efficiencies? Can you consolidate printers, faxes or copiers to more economically serve your user population? We will design a plan that saves you time and money while optimizing your efficiency.
  3. Implement an ongoing support and maintenance program to make fleet management efficient, hassle-free, cost-effective and eco-friendly. Regularly maintained equipment is more reliable and produces consistent high-quality output. Whenever you’re in need of a repair, Docutrend sends a certified field engineer to your location. Docutrend provides a line of high quality, eco-friendly supplies that are compatible with your equipment and your environmental/conservation initiatives.