Optimize your printing with Docutrend’s portfolio of Output & Security Solutions including: host/variable data printing, output cost reduction, printing charge-back for billing, high-volume output management, printer monitoring and IT device management tools, and solutions to output confidential documents and secure the data.

uniFLOW makes it easy for organizations to track all output costs. uniFLOW helps the finance department track and assess the organization’s current printing costs, allowing internal costs to be charged back and current usage, audited. With uniFLOW, businesses can also collect secure jobs from any printer. It allows print jobs to be stored on a server and only be released once the user is standing next to the printer. Users working outside the company network can send jobs via the internet to be collected when convenient.

Canon means business when it comes to the security of your data. Because the potential exists for data to be retrieved even after deletion unless it’s been effectively overwritten, Canon developed and implemented the HDD Data Erase function within ImageRUNNER devices. Once activated, the HDD Data Erase function can ensure that no traces of any temporary data or deleted documents remain accessible on your disk drive.

Prism Software’s DocForm creates all types of personalized promotional and transactional print and electronic documents – locally, remotely and over the Web. DocForm is commonly used to produce all types of variable data promotional and transactional print documents. In addition to printing your personalized documents, DocForm will electronically output everywhere and every way you need it – archiving, XML, email server, the Web, fax server, CRM and ERP systems, other third-party applications, and more.

deskForm is the complete personalized communication solution for cross-channel messaging for small organizations. deskForm allows you to easily communicate both in print and electronically. Create powerful print communications and electronic documents with a wide range of variable data from many sources.

Satori Software delivers industry-leading data quality solutions for any group that collects contact data, maintains address lists or sends correspondence by mail. Satori solutions help marketers, database administrators, mailers and others improve overall data quality, reduce returned mail, gain faster delivery times and save money on postage, address correction fees and wasted literature.