“Thank you for the excellent service. Charlie was fantastic to work with and assisted in every way required – thank you.”
“Working with Docutrend allowed us to roll out the best possible solution at the lowest cost to match our business model. There is no doubt this relationship will continue for many more years.”
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“The service and support have been excellent and multiple people have been professional on a world-class level.”
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“When someone does the unexpected and goes way above and beyond the call of duty it needs to be pointed out and recognized. I wish that everyone in my organization had the nothing will stop us attitude and integrity of Todd Griesman.”
“We would like to highly recommend Docutrend as an excellent firm. The service they provide on the company’s equipment is excellent. The turnaround time on a service call is less than 4 hours and technicians will work on a service issue until resolution is achieved.”
“We happened upon Docutrend by chance years ago and honestly, to me, a printer/copier/fax etc is just another piece of equipment that I can purchase from any number of vendors, especially in New York. The difference between Docutrend and those others is the quality of service and it is what sets you apart.”