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Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services or also known as MPS are services offered by Docutrend where we will assess, optimize and manage a company’s printing environment to lower costs, improve productivity, increase efficiency and reduce risks. 

Gain control and visibility into output usage, to help spot hidden costs, minimize IT workloads, automate supplies replenishment, and remove the hassle of integration.

By assessing your current workflow, we will develop a managed services plan that is right for your organization with clear benefits to reduce costs and maximize the workflow.

print environment management
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Optimize and Secure

Implementing a printer security plan that reduces waste and meets compliance standards requires your printers to be connected to your network. Any unsecured device on your network is a potential hazard to your IT security, so it's important to have a strategy to secure your printers.

Managed Print Services integrates constant monitoring and instant notification of printer security breaches, so you can respond to a threat in real-time.

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Reduced IT Burden

By having a single vendor take over printer management it means IT will no longer have to understand what other functions each device offers and spend their valuable time learning. Most IT teams don't have the time or the resources to maintain printers. MPS reduces the demand of time from the IT team by taking printer-related issues off their plate so they can spend more time on mission critical tasks for your organization.

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Control the Costs

Companies printing habits may lead to out-of-control costs but print management programs are specifically designed to cut down on waste and improve efficiency, with a direct effect on your bottom line.

Managed Print Services track the usage and offer quick and easy ways to reduce and monitor your paper, supplies and print-related energy.

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Automated Meters & Supply Fulfillment

Manage and track your printing environment. MPS offers visibility for you to understand your organization’s printing habits and supply needs by tracking usage. It's possible to reduce printing costs by 20-30% by turning to a single vendor for service and support. This means you spend less time working with multiple vendors, and you centralize your printer fleet management billing.

Steps to Success

Step 1: Assessment:

A review of an organization’s current print environment to provide recommendations for optimal device management.

Step 2: Optimization:

Consolidating and rationalizing devices and related business processes to develop a complete MPS strategy.

Step 3: Management:

Regular business reviews, service level agreement (SLA) monitoring, and remote management to make the ongoing process and workflow improvements

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