Close up of a business VoIP phone
Voice over IP/VOIP

What Is VoIP?

As the business world evolves, the need for broadening our communication methods increases. Regular phones come with quite a few limitations, especially in a remote environment where employees can work from any part of the …

Two women stand over a wide format printer assessing outputs

Wide Format Printer Benefits in the AEC Industry

A wide format printer isn’t something you see every day in a full office. But this printing standard is quite popular in some circles. Furthermore, outsourcing wide format print jobs can get really expensive fast, …

Close up of a laptop with icons including files, people, and security signifying cloud document management.
Document Management

What Is Cloud Document Management? (And Three Key Benefits)

Traditional document management systems (DMS) allow organizations to use computer systems to store, track, and manage digital documents. They’re essential for companies that want to go down the paperless route. With a DMS, a business …

Close up of a phone with a cloud icon as well as other icons signifying a cloud based phone system
Unified Communications, Voice over IP/VOIP

Key Features of a Cloud-Based Phone System

With a cloud-based phone system, an organization gains the ability to make phone calls over the internet. This shifts the company away from traditional telephone infrastructure, which includes copper wires and optical fibers that often …

Two young professionals look at a tablet to signify cloud printing

Three Reasons to Use Cloud Printing

With cloud computing becoming such a crucial part of modern business, it’s no surprise that cloud services have expanded to incorporate printing. Thanks to cloud printing, users can print documents from any internet-connected device and …

happy hybrid office working do job remotely

How to Make an Hybrid Office a Success

These days it seems impossible to think of a time where our world wasn’t relying on online meetings and communicating with one another online instead of in person. The worldwide pandemic that affected so many …

person signing an electronic document
Document Management, esignature, Pro Tips

The Acceptance of Digital Signatures

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way many people view the practicality and utility for digital and electronic signature services. Many of these services were crucial to advancing work related tasks which required signatures from one …

Hard hat in focus with Business people reviewing blueprints in conference room
Wide Format

What is Wide Format Printing?

Wide format printing is printing of designs or graphics on paper 18” or wider, either on rolls or precut sheets of paper or other types of materials. It requires the use of special equipment and …