office presentation with managed color documents

Document Management & Workflow

Docutrend document management & workflow solutions can be implemented easily to track, manage, and store important documents in real-time, while drastically reducing the use of paper and increasing productivity, while maintaining a high-level of user and document security.

office presentation with managed color documents
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Scan & Store Documents Securely

A electronic document management repository has become a necessity to the modern workforce. First the need for storage and bulky file cabinets decreases. But secondly files are easier to locate and restore in case of a disaster. Automated workflows can be used for file approval, plus files can be coded and versioned for easier collaboration thereby reducing the need for manual processes like keying data into a computer or walking forms around the office for approval.

Key Features

  • Creation, modification, and archiving of a new document
  • Document Versioning
  • Sharing of documents and real-time collaboration
  • Document access and usage reporting
  • Incorporation of search capability

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Management and Workflow Solutions

Docutrend document management and workflow solutions provide version control, gated release, access control, and security, among other features, which provide value at every stage of your business's process.

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Solutions by Industry

Our solutions integrate the best-in-class office equipment with leading workflow solutions to automate and streamline document processes, simplify information management, promote collaboration, and ensure security and compliance.

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