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Document Scan, Capture & Distribution Solutions

Document scan, capture & distribution Solutions can help streamline workflows by digitizing data, securing access, and fostering collaboration.

Our solutions are can be designed for specific industries, workflows, and more. Plus, our solutions can be scaled to fit within each customer environment depending on what’s needed.

Office, file storage
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Innovative Capture & Scanning Solutions

Converting paper documents to digital doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task. Docutrend document management solutions can help business which look to invest an electronic document management system that will streamline workflows and scale critical business processes. These solutions will improve business productivity, employee efficiency and drive overall cost savings.

Key Features

  • Reduced Costs
  • Better Access to Documents
  • Up-to-Date Data
  • More Efficient Collaboration
  • Access from Multiple Devices
  • Maintain Compliance
  • More Efficient Processes
  • Increased Productivity

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Intelligently Automate Your Workflow

Docutrend works with companies to employ a forward-thinking mentality and will help with intelligently automating workflow, understanding, and integration of all types of information across an organization, including unstructured data in business documents. The secure, rapid document access increases the speed and versatility of a modern workforce.

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Solutions by Industry

Our solutions integrate the best-in-class office equipment with leading workflow solutions to automate and streamline document processes, simplify information management, promote collaboration, and ensure security and compliance.

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