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The Acceptance of Digital Signatures

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way many people view the practicality and utility for digital and electronic signature services. Many of these services were crucial to advancing work related tasks which required signatures from one …

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Employer Concerns About Remote Work 

Remote work has become incredibly popular over the past decade. Technology advancements now make it easy for many jobs to move out of the office. Many office workers can get their work done anywhere, so …

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How to Manage a Hybrid Team

The definition of a hybrid team has rapidly evolved.  In the past, “hybrid” meant employees who worked either in-office or remotely, rarely going back and forth.  Due to the pandemic, hybrid is now more fluid …

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Pro Tip: Advantages of Document Management

Ready to learn what managed document services are and how it can help your business? When you choose Docutrend, you are partnering with a top managed document service company that will provide a big-picture strategy, …

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Key Components of Document Management Software

Companies seeking to improve the management of their documents and data may want to consider investing in a robust document management platform. Key components of these offerings include the ability to easily retrieve information, collaborate …

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The Move Toward Document Management

All businesses have goals that are specific to their industry, region, and overall needs. That said, there are a number of unifying forces at play, driving corporate decision-making. One of these is the move toward …

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Connecting Remote Workers to Their Documents

If your organization has work-from-home employees, you understand the importance of digital solutions that let them access information remotely. No longer being fully co-located with their colleagues and corporate paperwork, knowledge workers need a way …

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Value of Dedicated Scanners to a Business

Document scanners are incredibly useful, especially if your organization is using some sort of document management system or working toward a paperless office. But while many of us rely on the scanner built into a …

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Benefits of Digital Document Conversion

With a growing business, it can be hard to keep up with all the accumulating paperwork. Paper files are not only time-consuming to sort through, but they can be a daunting task to have to …