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We are a premier business technology partner that specializes in consolidating your technology stack. Whether it's IT, Print, or Communication solutions we create one flexible solution to meet organizational needs and increase efficiencies.

Since 2002, our key focus has been to provide customers with a streamlined connection between an organization's technology and their people thereby optimizing the workflow. We tailor comprehensive solutions for the modern workplace through personalized service and unmatched expertise.

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Versatility to Scale

Docutrend is the leading and most reputable office equipment provider in the northeast, that is known for optimizing a client's workflow to help drive their growth. Our team of experts develops the right technology stack for today's modern office growth while planning for scalability in the future.

Our flexible partners include Canon, Kyocera, and KIP, all of which are industry leaders in the office technology space with a long-standing reputation in innovation, quality, and reliability.

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Maximize Your Investment

Our workflow solutions will maximize your technology investment while optimizing the workflow process. Whether in the office, remote or anywhere in between we have the right solutions to increase the effectiveness of print, communications, or collaboration, Docutrend’s suite of solutions can help your business achieve its goals.

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Streamline the Process

Docutrend's services will support the most complex workflows. We work with our clients to develop strategies and manage their unique needs; driving efficiencies, recouping investments, and increasing the speed at which organizations support their customers.

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