paper capture solution

How Much are You Willing to Donate to Paper?

An average customer loses a large amount of time and money to manage their paper document workflow. See the shocking statistics in this infographic and then reach out to us for a free assessment.…

economic solutions for print management
Recorded Webinar

Best Practices For a Cost-Effective Print Management Solution

In this on-demand webinar, we will cover the best practices and tips for containing costs associated with printing.

Topics Include:

How to control who prints what and where? How printing in-house vs outsourcing will saving…
fitness and imaging solution
Client Success Story

Equinox Fitness and Docutrend Imaging Solutions

In a quest to streamline business processes, the nation’s premier gym, Equinox Fitness, was seeking to improve operating efficiencies and reduce expenditures related to document production, management and workflow. As a rapidly expanding organization, Equinox …

print management needs analysis
Interactive Tools

Print Management Needs Analysis

9 out of 10 companies don’t know how many printers and copiers they have. After rent and compensation, printing is the largest budget item for most businesses. Isn’t it time you got control of your …

industrial and commercial printing
Solution Overview

Production and Commercial Print

Specially designed by leading manufacturers to plug a gap in the market between office photocopiers and lithographic printers, a light production printer allows companies to move their out-sourced print into the business.

Experience exceptional print …

innovative technologies accessible to all
Solution Overview

Providing Accessible Solutions

Docutrend and our imaging partners are committed to providing technology that’s fully accessible by everyone, including those with physical challenges.  Our solutions enable schools to address concerns about limited mobility and visual impairments.

Specially designed …

care for the environment
Solution Overview

Protecting the Environment

Schools are at the heart of their communities and are expected to be a model for environmental responsibility. Docutrend and our partners like Canon, a world-class leader in imaging technologies, believe that the interests of …

managed print services

Why Light Production Technology is Becoming More Attractive

Many organizations have office-class print devices but outsource high-volume or premium print jobs to third-party printers. For some, this continues to be the best solution—by far. But for other organizations, it’s worth considering the possibility …