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If you’re starting a new business or planning to renew your company’s equipment lease agreement, choosing the right printer doesn’t necessarily have to be a tough choice. All your business needs, such as printing, scanning, and faxing, must be met by a device you can rely on. At the same time, you don’t want your office equipment to take up much space, and you need it handy and available for every office member. When considering every task separately, you may think purchasing individual devices is the right decision, especially if you don’t know better alternatives. Lucky for you, Docutrend has your back. This article has everything you need to know about all-in-one office printers.

All-in-One Office Printer: What Can You Do With It?

An all-in-one office printer can be an excellent tool for any business as you can cover every printing need you may have with only one device. They may also offer many extra features that are essential for any business but you may not know they have. Here’s every task you can easily accomplish with an all-in-one office printer:

  • While printing is something any kind of printer can do, you need to consider the printing needs strictly related to your business. At the top of your considerations list, you’ll have to include the number of prints you may need per day and the printing quality before making your choice. While most models perform well when printing black-and-white documents, others lack quality or speed when printing full-color, high-quality documents.
  • A business’s copying needs may not be frequent enough to warrant leasing or purchasing a photocopier. If you think a good printer will do, you can go for an all-in-one office printer. However, keep in mind a few factors before purchasing any all-in-one printer model available in the market. Of the two kinds of printers available, inkjet models are best suited for low-volume copying, while laser ones support higher volumes produced at a higher speed and lower cost.
  • The flatbed scanner integrated into every all-in-one office printer is an excellent tool your business will significantly benefit from. Whether you need to email a hardcopy document or you’re looking to create digital backup files, the device’s scanner will complete the task quickly.
  • While fax machines might seem outdated, many businesses still rely on them, especially those that need to send signed documents. If your business needs a fax machine, you can connect the all-in-one office printer to a telephone line, and you’ll have all the necessary equipment without purchasing an extra device. The latest models available even include a feature that allows users to send digital documents through fax machines with just a few clicks.
  • Network and wireless printing. Connectivity among office devices is important if you want your business to run smoothly between various departments. All-in-one office printers come with two different connectivity alternatives: network and wireless. While network connectivity will have every computer connected to your printer, wireless is something you may want to consider as well. This can save time by giving your office team control of the printer from their cellphones or tablets.

Things to Consider Before Making Your Printer Choice

When choosing the right printer for your business, an all-in-one office printer seems perfect. However, all-in-one printers come in many different models, each with distinctive features that set them apart. Here are some features you need to consider before picking the right one.

As with regular printers, all-in-one office printers come with two different kinds of print engines: inkjet and laser. While both share mostly the same features, they have minor differences. The first thing to consider is the number of copies you’ll need to print daily.

An inkjet printer generally supports a lower printing volume as it takes longer to print high-quality full-color images than a laser printer. You’ll suffer fewer printing delays with a laser printer, but both share remarkable printing performance,

The cartridge cost of both printers can be deceiving. While inkjet cartridges are more affordable, you can print fewer copies with an inkjet cartridge, making it necessary to replace them often. Laser cartridges, while they initially cost more, will be cheaper in the long run as they support higher printing volumes.

All-in-One Office Printer Benefits

Now that you’ve learned every task an all-in-one office printer can do for your business, let’s delve into the main benefits of acquiring one.

  • Saving office space. One of the many elements that need to be considered when starting a new business or renewing equipment on an existing one is the amount of office space available to set up printing equipment. An all-in-one office printer, including a printer, copier, scanner, and fax, is an excellent way to save space. In growing companies, you can rely on a single piece of equipment to tend to the office printing needs while capitalizing on the extra space to amplify your working team.
  • Cost-effective. When comparing the cost of leasing or purchasing a photocopier, scanner, or printer to the cost of acquiring an all-in-one office printer, the benefit is clear. If you buy one printer that will meet all your business needs, you can have your business up and running with all the necessary equipment at a more affordable cost.
  • Servicing your business with an all-in-one office printer will dramatically reduce supply and maintenance costs. You’ll have only one device to service, leading to diminishing costs and time.
  • Eco-friendly device. For an eco-friendly office space, choosing a single device instead of one for each printing need is a great place to start. You’ll consume less energy, reducing the cost of electric bills and carbon emissions.
  • Easy to use. With all the features and commands available on one device, an all-in-one office printer may seem overwhelming at first sight. However, you’ll be pleased to know these devices are designed to be very easy to use. Every command you need to execute is clearly labeled, so anyone in the office can use it without needing special instructions or training.

An All-in-One Printing Solution

Finding a suitable printing device for your office might be overwhelming, given all the factors you must consider. Startup businesses and offices with small spaces will significantly benefit from acquiring an all-in-one office printer, which provides one reliable and cost-effective device to meet all their needs. If you need to assess and optimize your printing system, Docutrend can provide the best technology solutions. Contact Docutrend for all your printing needs in the areas of New York, Totowa, Pennsauken, Edison, and Ft. Washington.