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Most companies have been shifting to paperless operations. In spite of that, paper documents remain paramount in official administration and processing. So, this makes a business printer an essential piece of equipment in document management. For a printer to blend in the highly digitized business processes, it has to work at its best. This way, there will be no delay or downtime that will affect the flow of information and business operations. And though it might not seem like it, there’s a lot that goes into making a business printer work correctly.

In this article, we’ll explore the tips for getting the most out of your business printer.

How to Make a Business Printer Work Optimally

Much like most other office devices, business printers can break down. And when they do, they can cost a business a whole lot.

For instance, it’ll be impossible to produce documents in a timely manner. This can affect employee productivity, as they’ll have to waste time waiting to print. In addition, delays in producing documents can hamper operations and ruin the business’s reputation in the eyes of stakeholders such as clients and potential business partners.

Also, when documents are urgently needed and the business printer is faulty, you might have to outsource printing services. In this case, you will incur additional costs that you could have avoided if the in-house printer was functional.

But the good thing is that most of the problems are preventable. Here are some ways of keeping your business printer working optimally.

Go for a Printer that Meets Your Specific Business Needs

Having a business printer that’s working efficiently starts from the buying point. Usually, business printers are of different types, and each meets specific business needs. So, when buying a printer, start by evaluating your printing needs.

First, consider the volume of papers you need to print daily. This will guide you towards choosing a business printer that can comfortably handle your duty cycle. Overworking a printer causes it to wear out sooner than expected.

Secondly, look at the type of printer that works better for you. Is it a laser printer or an inkjet printer? Knowing this helps you select a printer optimized for your needs, and this will increase its long-term reliability.

Finally, assess the compatibility of the printer and your existing system. Compatibility ensures your printer integrates well into your operations without the likelihood of creating technical issues.

Use the Paper Type Recommended by the Manufacturer

Using paper other than the one recommended by the manufacturer is one cause of paper jams. Though paper jams might appear harmless, they affect the printer’s components.

As the business printer tries to clear the jam, its rollers, and other moving elements can wear out quicker than usual. If jams are too frequent, you’ll need to replace printer parts way before their usual time.

Paper jamming also misaligns the paper path. If you fail to align it properly, printing issues such as skewed or crooked prints become common.

Using paper with the recommended thickness, texture, size, and weight can prevent jams. If you don’t know the right paper for your printer, refer to the buyer’s guidelines or manual.

Store the Paper Properly

Speaking of paper usage, storing paper is also vital in ensuring the printer works without issues. Avoid storing the paper (or the printer itself) in humid rooms or areas that experience extreme temperatures.

When stored in a humid environment, the paper can curl or disfigure, which can cause issues for the paper loader and increases the odds of jams.

Additionally, if the printer is exposed to moisture, the ink powder can clump up, which can lead to smudging or even make the toner unusable.

Give Your Office Printer Time to Warm Up

When not used for a while, a heavy-duty business printer often goes into sleep mode. For you to use it again, it’ll have to go through a “wake-up process.” This usually entails calibration where the printer receives software instructions or updates to achieve optimal print quality.

However, for a laser printer, even at this point, it might not be ready for use. This is because its fuser unit, which bonds the toner to the paper, needs to warm up to the desired temperature. Trying to hurry the printer through this process will not only result in poor printing quality but also cause stress to the printer’s internal components. Doing this regularly will reduce the printer’s life.

So, it’s advisable to give your business printer ample time to warm up for it to work efficiently

Clean the Rollers Regularly

Business printer rollers accumulate dust, dirt, paper fibers, and other debris. When dirty, they fail to load the papers to the printer properly. This, in turn, results in paper jams and poor print quality with smudges, marks, or streaks.

Also, when the rollers are dirty, friction increases as they move. The additional stress damages the internal components with continued use.

To keep your business printer operating efficiently, cleaning rollers should be a regular process. A can of compressed air can help you in the cleaning process.

Update Your Printer Driver Regularly

Printer manufacturers update the firmware from time to time. These updates aim at making the printer more responsive, improving speed and overall functionality. It also fixes bugs that might cause security threats, affect connectivity, and printing errors.

Without an updated printer driver, your business printer will not function properly. So, you should keep reminders for updates and install them without fail.

Train Your Employees

Business printers have changed a lot over the years. They now offer more features than before. That being said, not everyone knows how to operate them properly. If you let your employees use the printer without training, they might end up damaging it.

To avoid this, talk to a service provider. Let them train your employees and orient them through your printing system. When everyone on board is using the business printer the right way, the chance of it getting damaged decreases.

How an Efficient Business Printer Benefits Your Business

For most businesses, document printing is always an on-demand activity. Having a fully operational business printer helps to meet even the most urgent needs. This goes a long way in saving time and eliminating delays that might result from relying on outsourced printing services.

Another thing is that when you have an efficient printer, you can always control your output. You can decide the printing parameters to ensure the production matches your needs.

Lastly, it saves business expenses. With proper maintenance, the printer will have a longer lifespan and minimal repair costs.

Maintain Your Business Printer

If you want your business to have smooth printing operations, taking care of your business printer is the right way to go. This way, you’ll reduce all potential downtimes caused by a broken printer and improve document management efficiency.

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