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Working from Home Benefits Both Employees and Companies

Society’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in remote work and working from home, but this trend had been building over time. Studies showed that up to half of the global workforce spent …

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Looking at Security from Different Angles

With research showing that cybersecurity is a top business priority and area of investment for U.S. companies, it’s clear that many organizations acknowledge the threat that hackers, malicious individuals, and even careless employees pose to …

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A Remote Workforce Increases the Need for Security

Today’s modern workforce is progressively turning to remote employees. While this facilitates the diversification of the workforce and provides opportunities where they didn’t use to be, it does put your network at risk. In fact, …

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What You Should Expect From Your Managed IT Provider

As a small- or medium-sized business, you have plenty of tasks that could benefit from modern technology solutions. However, there is a fine line between solving your problems and adding to your workload. Unreliable systems, …

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Sustaining Business in an Uncertain World

“The world of work cannot and should not look the same after this crisis.” That’s what the Secretary-General of the United Nations said recently. We all know the first chapter. When COVID-19 arrived, the business …

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Empowering Educators for Successful Mobile Learning

How Mobile Technology Can Improve the K-12 Education Processes

Given the widespread use of mobile devices in personal and work life, it doesn’t seem farfetched to imagine greater use of this technology within K-12 classrooms. …


Top 10: What tech is impacting education in 2020?

2020 will witness entirely new ways of teaching and learning, and advances in education tech promise to accelerate both. From faster 5G internet connections to quicker integration of complex subject matter through AR (augmented reality) …


See Where Education Technology is Headed

Technology is already influencing education in ways that would have been considered ‘sci-fi’ just a few decades ago (think all-pervasive laptops, networking, face-time communication with those on the other side of the world).

But now, …