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These days it seems impossible to think of a time where our world wasn’t relying on online meetings and communicating with one another online instead of in person. The worldwide pandemic that affected so many lives drastically affected businesses and how they communicate with their employees. One of these ways was that we saw businesses switching to remote work where their employees worked from home and businesses had to adapt to integrate remote work into their business strategy.

For some, working remotely exceeded their expectations and they saw productivity rise in the face of the pandemic. However, for others working remotely, a lack of human interaction and not getting to work directly in an office brought burnout to employees and they saw their work lacking. For some employees, remote work was a blessing while for others it was the opposite.

Now that we’re seeing restrictions lift and mandates ease, we can’t help but wonder what the future holds and how the pandemic will have affected the work and what we do online going forwards. Let’s look at how the hybrid office team model can be successful in today’s day and age.

Combining the Best of Both

Despite the stress that remote work has had on employees and the burnout that they’ve had, we don’t see remote going anywhere in the future. Businesses have become used to the ease of communicating online and not meeting in a physical office for work and many have started to think that their business may run smoother with their work remote. Having the ease of running meetings through an online voice and collaboration system with online resources have made it easier than ever for managers and business owners.

We won’t see future models that rely solely on physical work offices for their business after the adjustment that we’ve had in the past year. Currently, we’re seeing that some employees enjoyed working from home while others were suffering, which leads to businesses adopting a hybrid work model. As businesses begin to bring employees back into the office, to get the most out of their productivity, they’ll have to split time between the office and working remotely.

Some may work remotely; others may work in the office and others may have a combination of the two.

What You Should Consider About a Hybrid Work Model

If you’re thinking about incorporating a hybrid work model into your business and want it to succeed, there’s a lot to think about. You want to make sure that you line your model up for success and that you meet everyone’s individual needs in the workplace. When your work model goes hybrid meetings that may have once been in person are switched to virtual meetings. There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about how you want to set your model up and how you want to meet success. Here are a few things to keep in mind with a hybrid office team model:

Remain Supportive of Employees

It’s important that you remain supportive of employees that may choose to work remotely and make sure that they feel supported with their decision. It’s important to be emphatic with understanding that some employees may be experiencing burnout, and some may want to consider being back in the office.

Clear Management

One area of a hybrid work model that we anticipate making business more difficult is its management area. With communicating online and having to make nearly everything virtual it’s easy for management to start lacking. It’s important that your management is more structured and communicates more than ever before in a hybrid office.

All You to Be Flexible

The key to a successful hybrid work model is ensuring that you have the flexibility for employees and that you’re willing to adapt to what they need at any moment. This means that your organization needs to be capable of adapting to a variety of different communication models and collaboration methods.

Be Inclusive of All What’s most important of a hybrid work model is being inclusive of all, regardless of where they work, how they work, or who they are. Everyone in a hybrid work model should feel seen and heard and appreciated. Whether they’re joining meetings online or sitting in an office everyone should feel equal in their environment.

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