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Employer Concerns About Remote Work 

Remote work has become incredibly popular over the past decade. Technology advancements now make it easy for many jobs to move out of the office. Many office workers can get their work done anywhere, so …

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What Are the Risks of Personal Printing to an Organization?

You’ve probably done it yourself: printed personal documents at work. Millions of workers do this, and while it seems harmless on the surface, it has costs and could pose risks to your business.

How common…
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Pro Tip: Inkjet vs. Laser Printer Costs

Much of our work has gone digital, but printing is still important to many companies. Industries such as healthcare, legal, government, and education still rely on hard copy printing for many of their needs. But …

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The Pros and Cons of Using Managed Print Services (MPS)

Despite so much of our communication and information transfer going digital, for many businesses printing is still a necessity. However, printing can also be expensive, inefficient, wasteful, and even a security risk. Outsourcing to a …

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Pro Tips: Securely Print Confidential Documents

Information security is crucial when you want to comply with legislation and give customers and partners confidence in your business. Letting documents fall into the wrong hands often happens when companies don’t incorporate strict security …

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Printing Personal Documents in NJ is a Problem

New Jersey employees print personal documents at the office, it’s inevitable. But it’s unlikely companies or their managers know the extent. When employees in NJ offices were asked whether they print personal documents at the …

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Is Personal Printing at the Office a Problem?

As an employer, you know it happens. Employees who spend most of their day at work likely do personal printing at the office. In their defense, when a person spends most of their day at …

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Print Management Can Boost Transparency, Cost Savings

Most organizations are set up for their employees to print—at least some of the time. While the print infrastructure may not be top of mind for these organizations, a thoughtful approach to print management can …

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What Does Managed Print Services Look Like?

The main components of managed print services (MPS) are a needs assessment, selective or general replacement of hardware, and the service, parts and supplies needed to operate the new and/or existing hardware (including existing third-party …