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In the last few years, we’ve witnessed significant changes in our work patterns. Many people have shifted from working on a single desktop computer in an office to working remotely and using multiple devices. Cloud printing solutions can help people be more productive and flexible, regardless of their location.

But what exactly are cloud printing solutions, and what can they do for your business? Here, we’ll discuss what you should know about cloud printing solutions.

The Cloud

Many of us have heard expressions like, “I keep it in the cloud,” or, “It’s in the cloud.” When we say this, we don’t mean our files are mysteriously floating in the air. Instead, we’re saying our files are kept on a server that can be accessed remotely.

The cloud” refers to servers we can access via the internet and the databases and software that run based on those servers. There are numerous types of clouds: private, public, hybrid, and multi-clouds. Which type you’ll use depends on your company’s needs and security requirements.

What Are Cloud Printing Solutions?

Now that we’ve explained the cloud, let’s discuss cloud printing solutions.

Cloud printing solutions represent managed print solutions that let users print documents from any device connected to the network. With traditional printers, print servers send a message from the computer to the printer. With cloud printing, the printer receives digital information from the cloud, which can be accessed from any authorized device.

Since printers can’t receive this information on their own they need cloud printing solutions, or programs that connect the printer to the cloud. These programs are usually either software as a service (SaaS) or platform as a service (PaaS). A cloud printing solution provides an overview of configurations, printers and queues, security, access control rights, and authentication providers to the admin.

What Are the Main Advantages of Cloud Printing Solutions?

Cloud printing has numerous advantages. Here are the most important ones.

  • Optimized printing infrastructure – With cloud printing, you’ll have more control over the printing environment and optimize the use of the machines. What’s best is that you can monitor the infrastructure remotely. Therefore, you can check how your printers are doing at any time, regardless of your location.
  • Fewer help desk requests – With traditional printers, the system can often get clogged and cause delays and malfunctions. Thanks to cloud printing solutions, IT help desk requests will be significantly reduced. Your IT team can work on other tasks and be sure the printing infrastructure is functioning flawlessly.
  • Enhanced security – Many think cloud storage lacks security. However, this isn’t true. Major cloud computing companies hire some of the best data security experts to ensure the customers’ files are safe. Plus, the data stored on the cloud is usually encrypted, and you can access it only if you have the digital decryption key.
  • Compatibility – Cloud printing solutions work with most operating systems, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.
  • Scalability – Cloud printing solutions offer flexibility and can be adjusted to your company’s printing needs.
  • Automation and overview – Since cloud printing solutions offer detailed insight into the printing infrastructure and let you automate tasks, there’s less pressure on your IT team.
  • Cost reduction – Cloud printing is usually much more affordable than on-site print management. Since your print servers are located on the cloud instead of in the physical building, you’ll notice lower energy costs. More importantly, cloud printing eliminates the need to purchase, install, and maintain printer software and hardware.
  • Waste reduction – Many companies are doing everything they can to become more energy efficient. One way to achieve this is to use cloud printing. Printing over the cloud reduces paper and energy waste and can lower your carbon footprint.
  • Stress-free updates – If you’ve ever had to update the software on a large network, you know how stressful it can be. With cloud printing, this is never a problem. Thanks to automatic updates, your network will always be secure and up to date.
  • Simplicity –Managing multiple printers and machines can be time-consuming, complex, and frustrating. Cloud printing solutions are incredibly easy to set up and maintain.
  • Customization – One of the best things about cloud printing solutions is that they are customizable. You can easily define your print rules and complete print jobs without difficulty.

Who Can Benefit From Cloud Printing?

Here’s who can benefit the most from cloud printing, and how.

In-House IT Teams

  • With cloud printing solutions, there’s no need to maintain print servers and queues. This significantly reduces the workload of your in-house IT team.
  • Cloud printing reduces the number of IT help desk requests.
  • Cloud printing encrypts the stored files and keeps them secure.

Managed Print Providers

  • Cloud printing is incredibly beneficial for remote customer management.
  • Cloud printing deploys devices at high speed.

End Users

  • Cloud printing ensures customer satisfaction and is easy to use because the user interface looks the same regardless of the device you’re using to access the cloud.
  • Thanks to cloud printing, users see their printers automatically, wherever they are.
  • With cloud printing, users can print to any connected printer.
  • Cloud printing lets users adjust and save their favorite or frequentlyused settings, thus saving time.

Choose the Best Cloud Printing Solutions

If you’re not particularly tech-savvy or haven’t worked with similar technology before, the cloud printing tech can seem overwhelming. In reality, cloud printing is quite easy to set up and use. While shifting toward modern technologies can be scary, it’s worth it, especially considering the benefits that cloud printing solutions offer.

If you need cloud printing solutions and are located in the New York, Totowa, Pennsauken, Edison, or Ft. Washington areas, contact Docutrend and let us walk you through the benefits of using cloud printing solutions.