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Future Trends of Digital Signatures

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way many people view the practicality and utility of digital and electronic signature services. Many of these services were crucial to advancing work-related tasks which required signatures from one or …

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3 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from E-Signatures

No signature — no deal. 

For businesses, the power of the signature is the difference between productivity and missed opportunities. With more remote working and increased COVID-19 awareness, passing documents around the office is no …

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Modern Office Must-Haves in a Post-Covid Era

It’s been over a year since the COVID – 19 outbreak that changed lives and since companies and universities have requested that their employees stay home and work remotely. For many, this was the first …

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Improving Your Document Infrastructure in Healthcare

Watching a show or movie that takes place in a hospital or another healthcare setting, one might conclude that paper is dead. In many of these scenes, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals walk around …

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Maintain Data Security When Technology is Upgraded

Many of today’s print and computing devices have built-in security. But that security (for the most part) becomes ineffective when the device has reached its end-of-life and is ready to be discarded. Something similar occurs …

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Looking at Security from Different Angles

With research showing that cybersecurity is a top business priority and area of investment for U.S. companies, it’s clear that many organizations acknowledge the threat that hackers, malicious individuals, and even careless employees pose to …