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No signature — no deal. 

For businesses, the power of the signature is the difference between productivity and missed opportunities. With more remote working and increased COVID-19 awareness, passing documents around the office is no longer the best way to sign on the dotted line. 

As digital processes continue to drive the conversation, e-signatures have taken center stage, too. E-signatures save time and money while keeping customers and employees satisfied. This e-tool keeps business going during a time when everyone seems to have a digital device nearby.

An e-signature is an electronic form of a signature. Once applied to a digital document, e-signatures are legally valid, and businesses are taking advantage of the efficiency. According to the ESIGN and UETA Acts, e-signatures must meet four requirements: intent to sign, consent to do business electronically, signature attribution, and record retention.

Here are three ways your business can benefit:

Save Money

If you are waiting on one final signature to close a deal, time is money. For some businesses, the signature approves a merger. For another business, the electronic “ink” finalizes the offer letter to a new CEO. These big decisions can influence the reputation of a company and its financial forecast.

  • E-signatures can eliminate the hassle of collecting in-person signatures. The delay can impact time-sensitive negotiations.
  • Signing digitally prevents delayed delivery of documents, which can negatively impact financially profitable agreements.

Quick signature processes can signal an organized business with a sense of urgency. Efficiency is an attractive quality for potential business partners. 

Save Time

Imagine having multiple people sign a document within one business day — or even a few hours. With an e-signature, this is a reality. Businesses are spending less time chasing down paper copies of documents. Instead, they are crafting documents with signature lines and sending an e-signature request. Documentation needs vary within companies, but businesses can think about HR policies and procedures, NDAs, and more.

  • With convenient access to mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, employees can quickly and securely sign documents with their e-signature.
  • Follow-up emails and friendly reminders alert employees or customers that a document requires a signature. Instead of printing more paper, businesses can create automatic reminders.

Within minutes, a supervisor, board member, or employee can sign a document. Within the same amount of time, a signature is legally valid.

Save Morale

Companies love productivity. When businesses close deals, onboard new employees, or complete health insurance documentation, morale is high. It is difficult to imagine that an employee would like to take an hour from their workday to sign documents. Even worse, the thought of bringing documentation home can be even more frustrating.

  • Signing documents should not feel like an added task to the workday. Employees can apply an e-signature anywhere — and at any time.
  • New employees can begin the process of joining the company faster and with less hassle. Within minutes, they can provide the documentation needed to make it official.
  • Paperwork can slow down the process. For businesses that request signatures, efficiency and convenience make the process more pleasant and productive.

If you are still searching for a pen or tracking down a signature, join the e-signature movement. The switch impacts time, money, and company morale. The simple solution is only a signature away.

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