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As far as office equipment is concerned, a copier is undoubtedly among the most important additions to any workspace. Both small businesses and large corporations need a reliable copier to streamline their daily tasks.

But with so many models on the market, you may be confused about which important features to consider. Fortunately, this article has got your back. Read on to discover the nine most important features of an office copier.

Why Invest in an Office Copier

Office copiers are workhorses of the workplace. Modern copiers have multifunctional cores that can handle numerous jobs. As a result, your workflow is simplified, electricity and space are saved, and documents are better protected.

Offices that require hard copies of documents don’t have to invest in multiple device purchases. With a modern-day copier, you get a scanner, printer, and fax machine all-in-one. And when these essential document management tools are located in a single device, employees are more productive and don’t take as long to complete their tasks.

Below is an overview of the key benefits of copiers for businesses and office spaces:

  • Can handle larger sheets of paper
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce and eliminate daily repetitive tasks
  • Affordable in the long run
  • Space and energy saving benefits
  • Can handle bigger jobs
  • Front and back copying ability

Now that we’ve outlined the benefits of investing in an office copier, let’s discuss the most important features to look for when you’re shopping for one.

Nine Office Copier Features to Look For

Output Speed

Most multifunction copiers come in a range of output speeds. The low-speed models start from 30 pages per minute, while high-speed output can handle more than 100 pages in 60 seconds. To pick the most suitable copier for your business, consider your printing and copying needs. Maybe you don’t need a high-speed copier to print out more than 50 pages per minute if you only use the machine occasionally.

Page Size and Capacity

Paper capacity refers to the number of sheets you can place in a copier simultaneously. The lower the paper capacity, the more frequently you’ll have to reload the machine. As for the paper size, consider your needs as a business to decide between A3, A4, or other sizes.

Color vs. Black and White Copier

The basic feature to look for in a copier is whether the machine can print in color or only delivers black and white (or monochromatic) prints. It goes without saying that black and white copiers have a much lower operational and per-copy cost.

Unless you plan to use the copier for printing marketing materials, you can save on your budget by getting a black and white copier for your office. Of course, the choice depends on your specific business needs.

Network Connectivity

You should be able to connect your copier to the office network to get the most out of its usability. With proper connectivity features, you can share documents via the cloud, access the copier from another device, or print directly from your mobile phone.

If the copier in your office is used by multiple people, good connectivity options are a must to make your daily work at the office simpler and more productive.


Duplexing refers to the copier’s ability to make two-sided copies. This type of printing is especially useful if your goal is to save paper or you need to print double-sided documents. If duplexing sounds like something you could use, make sure the copier you choose supports this feature.


Cost is an important factor to consider when purchasing office equipment. The market is packed with high-end copier options with advanced features that cost thousands of dollars. However, you should plan your budget first and determine the features you need before starting to look for specific copier models.


Security should be a top priority when getting office equipment, and copiers are no different. Your copier will no doubt process sensitive documents, including information about your credit cards and passwords.

A secure copier can encrypt your data and limit access to specific users by setting password protection. Also, quality solutions offer biometric authentication and hardware locks.

Here’s an overview of security features to look for in a copier:

  • A multi-layered encryption security system
  • Offers user activity control
  • Has features to erase data following use
  • Proper security measures to make sure unauthorized users can’t retrieve information
  • Hardware locks or biometric authentication


Most business owners and managers overlook maintenance when purchasing new copier machines. However, maintenance can significantly add to your expenses in the long run. Look for copiers with efficient maintenance plans to avoid paying more than necessary for maintenance costs.

It’s always safe to go for popular, trustworthy copier machines and brands like Canonfor accessible spare parts and widely available troubleshooting services.

Warm-Up Speed

The warm-up speed is another important factor to consider when getting a copier for your office. Copiers that take more than one minute to wake up are considered extremely slow and will likely cause delays with your errands.

The standard warm-up time range for copiers is from five to 45 seconds. Some copiers have a built-in motion sensor that activates whenever you’re in close proximity to the machine. For businesses that appreciate speed and time more than anything else, it’s worth considering a copier with more advanced warm-up speeds.

Can’t Afford a High-Quality Copier for Your Workspace? Consider Leasing One

Knowing the features that make a high-quality copier will make the job of finding the perfect machine for your business much easier. However, financing that office copier can create some obstacles. If your budget doesn’t allow for a purchase, you can consider leasing a machine.

Numerous copier servicesare at your disposal across the region. Your New York, Totowa, Pennsauken, or Ft. Washington office can benefit from a high-end copier rental machine to streamline your workflow and boost productivity and document management. Contact our team at Docutrend to create a plan and equip your business space with some of the most trusted copier machines on the market.