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If your organization has work-from-home employees, you understand the importance of digital solutions that let them access information remotely. No longer being fully co-located with their colleagues and corporate paperwork, knowledge workers need a way to easily access their co-workers and documents when working out of the office.

This blog post will highlight several of these solutions, some of which are linked to a PC and others to one’s printer.

PC access

The bridge between remote workers and their required resources is digitized data and related workflow processes they can access from anywhere through a PC.

This is enabled through tools like cloud-based solutions (e.g., document management solutions, vertical- or department-specific software, video call platforms), robust and impenetrable VPN (virtual private network) and RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) platforms, “desktop-as-a-service” solutions, or a combination of these offerings.

In some cases, software will be used over the Internet, while in other cases it will be downloaded to one’s desktop for use (though updates to the software can be delivered online).

Printer access

While many remote knowledge workers are most reliant on their PCs, many also use their printers and MFPs to perform business-critical tasks. For example, an accountant may need to digitize pages and pages of documentation from clients, including W-2 forms, investment records, and receipts.

The newest printer models feature modern conveniences for remote workers, including connectivity to digital and cloud services (including sector-specific document repositories) to streamline and simplify workflows.

For example, instead of scanning a document to email, opening the email on a PC, downloading the document to one’s desktop, and then uploading it to a cloud service, users can scan the file directly into the cloud service (e.g., Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint, Google Drive). And they can also print directly from a cloud service (via the printer touchscreen) or mobile device.

Keep in mind

IT departments setting up workers to remotely access content, software, and colleagues must be sure they are clearly communicating how to set up new solutions as well as use them. Furthermore, they must ensure these solutions are adequately secured—given all the cybersecurity threats that do exist. They may also want to consider investing in solutions (like print management software) that track worker activity at home.


Enabling remote workers to access information and tools to do their jobs is crucial. One key way to achieve this is providing them with cloud services and software they can access with their PCs and printers. These tools may be used for a wide variety of purposes, including document storage, business workflows, video conversations, and print activity tracking.

Implement a Document Management strategy that makes sense for how your organization works. Docutrend can help you develop a plan. Reach out to us and see what we can do for you.