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Printers and copy machines occupy a central place in any office setup. They are indispensable tools and important investments that need regular maintenance and care to function at their best for the longest time possible. Many printing suppliers offer dedicated copier services as part of their services. This is formalized through an agreement that includes constant support during emergencies and the day-to-day running of the business. With so many to choose from, you may be wondering how to pick the right service for your needs. Let this article be your guide.

What Is Copier Service?

The copier service is a dedicated maintenance and upkeep plan offered by many professional printing services to keep machines running and downtime minimal. It acts as a form of insurance against breakdown and loss due to mechanical failure. If something goes wrong, you have someone to call.

What makes a copier service different to insurance coverage are all the additional extras. Many of which go beyond maintenance, including extras like replacement of ink and toner, or an on-site agent permanently stationed at the office.

Why Opt for a Copier Service?

The global managed printing service industry was estimated at a staggering estimated $44.4 billion in 2022. It’s a rapidly growing sector that shows no signs of slowing down. That’s not surprising, seeing the benefits that copier services bring to their customers.

  • Expertise: A dedicated copier service makes printing its business. They know their way around multiple makes and models and stay up to date with industry advances. Their years of experience and level of expertise are brought to your business when signing a copier agreement.
  • Improved equipment lifespan: Routine maintenance is key to the long life of a copier. A copier doesn’t just repair a machine after a breakdown but keeps it running smoothly with regular preventative maintenance.
  • Less downtime: When breakdowns do occur, businesses can find themselves scrambling to find a repair service that may not arrive until late in the day after office productivity has ground to a halt. Having a copier service on call for emergencies or regularly around for inspections prevents thousands of dollars lost in downtime.
  • Save costs: It’s misleading to think that the occasional repair is cheaper than a service agreement. When printers fail without proper maintenance, they can fail spectacularly. The costs involved in repairing an overworked machine can rapidly add up, and businesses may even have to buy an entirely new machine. Prevention is better than an expensive cure with a copier service.

The Copier Service Agreement

Every copier service begins with some form of formalized agreement signed by both parties. This stipulates the coverage and terms of service that a contractor is bound to provide to a customer over an agreed-upon period. Here are some things that should be covered in this agreement:

  • Equipment involved: All covered printers and copiers are listed out, together with their serial numbers, models, and present condition.
  • Scope of coverage: This outlines what parts, maintenance, and other coverage the copier service will be responsible for.
  • Additional charges: Many service agreements include additional charges. For example, if a customer exceeds their monthly allowance of prints, an additional cost per page (CPP) charge may be added.
  • Agreement duration: Every service has an agreed-upon period. After this, customers may choose to renew or terminate their contract.
  • Response times: The service provider should hold themselves to a certain response time in case of any emergencies. This also gives the customer an opportunity to frame their expectations.
  • Maintenance: The service agreement should also stipulate the frequency of maintenance and the ideal times to perform it. Many customers opt for after-hours service on their machines to minimize the impact on productivity.

It’s also important to note that a copier service won’t cover certain things by default. Perhaps the most commonly cited example is the costs of staples and paper. What’s more, any damage that may result from customer negligence or damage (think an angry employee with a tight deadline) won’t be covered by any replacement conditions in the agreement.

What Should Maintenance Include?

With a copier service looking after your machines, technicians should regularly visit to keep your printers and copiers functioning at their best. Their exact processes may differ based on the service agreement, but maintenance should include the following:

  • Paper and toner replacement: Probably the most pressing need for any printer or copier. Technicians should anticipate replacement times and deliver regularly.
  • Cleaning and lubrication: Dust and debris should be cleaned to prevent paper jams and prevent streaking. Properly lubricated parts are also less likely to break down with constant use.
  • Parts replacement: The movable parts of a printer and copier are especially susceptible to wear and tear. A technician can spot which parts need replacement before they become an issue.
  • Software updates: Many forget that copiers also run on operating systems. They’re vulnerable to obsolescence and viruses without regular software updates. A copier service should keep all systems up to date.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Service

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what a copier service offers, you may be wondering how to decide on the best one for your business needs. There are plenty of extra resources that can help, but here are some major questions to frame your expectations around:

  • Does the service company have a customer support number and online portal for easy contact? Are there FAQs and troubleshooting tips included that can save a callout?
  • How quick are the promised response times relative to competitors?
  • Does the service offer preventative maintenance? If so, how frequently?
  • Are there a diversified group of technicians on call? Trouble with the printer’s operating system won’t be the same as a toner drum malfunction.
  • Do they offer on-site storage of parts and/or an on-site presence for your business? This can save downtime.
  • Are they well established in your area with good reviews and a reputation for excellent service?

The Right Printing Partner

The right copier service should be tailored to your specific needs. Having a company that understands those needs inside and out is even better. If your business is looking for the right copier service partner, then look no further than Docutrend.

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