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A wide format printer can print on paper rolls up to 100 inches wide. These printers can print large-scale projects that many businesses and schools would typically order online or from a printing service. Printing projects using these types of printers include informational posters, large decorations, learning resources, presentation resources, and much more.

There are a variety of economical, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-maintain models of wide format printers to choose from. Additionally, they offer the standard, expected capabilities of modern standard printers.

How a Wide Format Printer Can Benefits Schools and Businesses

Why would schools or other businesses want to consider purchasing a wide format printer of their own? The benefits and possibilities seem almost endless. Schools and businesses with access to a wide format printer will save money and time, decrease their negative impact on the environment by reducing waste, and find exciting new ways to get creative.

Cost Savings

Many schools with large-scale printing jobs order them online or through local print shops. This can be a costly service and can impact budgets if your organization orders materials frequently. Indoor banner printing, for instance, can cost anywhere between $25 and $250. Nowadays, purchasing and maintaining a wide format printer to serve the needs of all your organization’s members is easier, more convenient, and more affordable than ever.

It can be challenging to compute precisely how much is spent on large-format printing in a school or multi-department business community because various departments and groups typically handle ordering large, printed materials individually.

Consider some examples of how large-scale prints are commonly used in educational communities.

  • Teachers order classroom posters and other decor to make their space warm and inviting.
  • Playbills are needed to advertise the drama department’s new show.
  • The Football Boosters order a banner celebrating a state championship victory.
  • The principals update the school-wide student-behavior expectations, and new signs are needed in every classroom and hallway to keep everyone informed.

Separate departments and entities incur these expenses individually and without awareness of the costs incurred by the others. Still, they add up quickly on an expense report and can soon outpace the costs of purchasing a wide format printer accessible to the entirety of the institution.


Why wait? Ordering large prints from online distributors or local print shops means schools and businesses are at the liberty of the vendors’ schedule to determine how long a print job will take. Additionally, online orders must be shipped, prolonging the wait by several days.

With access to a wide format printer on campus, job priority and turnaround time can be managed in-house. Most jobs can be completed in minutes instead of the days or even weeks you may have to wait when outsourcing print jobs. This is especially convenient when something unexpected needs to be announced or celebrated, for example, a banner celebrating an unexpected award or achievement. Nobody wants to wait days or weeks to recognize and celebrate the achievement.

Decreased Waste

Teachers, students, faculty, and staff without access to a wide format printer will not likely abandon their projects and ideas. They will, however, face more challenges in completing them as a result of the necessity to “make do” with the resources they have available.

Take, for example, a teacher designing a bulletin board. Without the ability to print one large, cleanly designed display, she will instead print various pieces, cutting and pasting the different elements together to create the desired visual. This process wastes significant quantities of paper, not to mention time, and also puts unnecessary wear and tear on standard printers.

According to the article, “How much money do schools spend on paper each year?” schools use approximately 2,000 pages daily and around 360,000 in a 180-day school year. This number, as well as the amount of paper that is wasted, could be significantly reduced by making more efficient wide-format printing available.

Increased Creativity

Schools and businesses will find that the longer they have access to a wide format printer, the more creative ways they will find to use it. Students, teachers, and employees can get creative with this new tool in countless ways. Teachers can create new learning materials and project ideas. Students could see their class projects and presentations brought to life and displayed in ways they never had before.

Incorporating this technology into projects and presentations, they will learn essential tech skills for creating engaging and informative print resources and media.

Outdated or boring brands, logos, and signage can be updated. All these opportunities to create may have been too cost-prohibitive to justify addressing in the past. However, they can now be realized thanks to the convenience and lower cost of in-house, large-format printing access.

Large Format Project Ideas

Still wondering what a wide format printer can do for your school, business, or organization? Here are some exciting ideas for projects to inspire you to get creating with a wide format printer:


There are numerous possible ways to use posters in your school or office.

  • Motivational posters will inspire success.
  • Informational posters ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Recognition posters are great ways to celebrate goal achievement.


Directory signage is vital in large offices and schools, ensuring no one gets lost and all areas are correctly named and up to date, as classroom and office inhabitants can change frequently.

In addition, custom Logos featured throughout a workspace create a unified feel and foster pride.

Presentational Visuals

Creating professional and engaging presentation handouts, graphics, informational booklets, and additional print resources can really “wow!” your audience.


Why spend more on decor than necessary? Printing your own murals, bulletin board displays, and festive decorations enhances the space affordably. Custom maps and wall calendars are an excellent way to combine function and beauty.

Promotional Materials

Organizations in need of promotional material can handle everything in-house, from fundraising for a good cause to supporting your favorite team. A plethora of eye-catching printed materials will be just what you need to spread the word.

Get Help Finding the Perfect Wide Format Printer for Your School or Business

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