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Any company that deals with service agreements, contracts, and reports daily knows how essential a photocopier can be for optimal efficiency. However, these multi-functional machines aren’t cheap. That’s why your best choice might be signing a rental deal with one of many copier leasing companies available in your area. Doing so allows you to cost-effectively make smaller payments over time instead of paying one high upfront cost. This article will give you tips on choosing from multiple copier leasing companies to get the optimal photocopier for your business.

Your Business Needs and Copier Leasing Companies

Considering your business needs is necessary before selecting from various copier leasing companies. Once thoroughly evaluated, you can communicate your requirements with the leasing company’s customer care team. Here are some crucial points to consider:

  • The size of your business. Does your business constantly need physical files for documentation, or does your organization use the copier machine sparingly? These are essential questions to ask yourself before contacting copier leasing companies. You’ll want models that can handle your required work capacity.
  • Your budget. Determining a budget helps narrow down your search for a copier machine. Include monthly payments along with any upfront fees. The right leasing company will be flexible by finding you a good fit for your payment.
  • Consider maintenance and support. Copier leasing companies will frequently offer customer support, repairs, software updates, and technical assistance. This is highly effective at minimizing downtime during breakdowns and malfunctions. Evaluate if you need the full scale of these services and determine their priority level.

Copier Leasing Companies Reputation

Your photocopier is an essential element of your workflow. You want to choose a company that is reliable, professional, and ideally has a sterling reputation. Business owners should search each potential company for online reviews and testimonials. The customer satisfaction rate will give you a clearer picture of what to expect from copier leasing companies.

While customer reviews are important, you should also look for any awards or recognitions on the company’s website. Awards can be official evidence that a brand delivers high-quality customer service. Lastly, you should check the experience level of the copier leasing company. Companies leasing for many years will have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to deliver an optimal solution.

The Right Brands and Models

Before choosing a copier leasing company, ask them for the models and brands they offer. An exemplary company will have a wide selection since photocopier features and capabilities can vary. If you’re set on a particular brand or model, check if the leasing company has it available.

Business owners should also take the time to research particular brands and models that copier leasing companies offer. That way, you’ll be able to narrow down your search for the appropriate product. Consider features and functions such as print speed and fax function availability. Just by describing your needs to a company, they’ll most likely find an available machine. Some other functionality aspects include:

  • Scanning and printer capabilities: Modern photocopiers should be able to accurately scan, store, print, and send documents. This makes them a multi-functional tool essential for many businesses.
  • Resizing: Most machines will allow resizing 30 to 300 percent of the original document size.
  • Stapling and hole-punching: Many photocopiers have automated processes for stapling sheets together or punching binder holes.

Select the Right Operating Lease

Before signing getting a new photocopier from your selected company, you’ll also want to consider the lease type. There are two main lease types to choose from:

  • Operating leases: This lease type is an agreement that states the photocopier belongs to the copier agency throughout the term. Once the term is complete, businesses can return or upgrade the photocopier. Operating leases typically have smaller monthly payments than capital leases.
  • Capital  leases: These long-term lease types imply a transfer of ownership rights to your business at the term’s end. Since your business is working towards eventually owning the photocopier, the monthly payment tends to be much higher.

Selecting the right lease type is essential. If you prefer updating the photocopier in your office, an operating lease might be the better option. It is also more cost-effective. On the other hand, capital leases are for businesses set on permanently owning a copier model.

Additional Pricing and Fees

Price is a significant determining factor when leasing office equipment. Ideally, a leasing company should be transparent with its payment structure. Ensure there are no hidden fees when making your choice. Some additional services payments might include:

  • Maintenance: Inquire if the lease includes photocopier maintenance. A business might also offer service calls, repairs, and toner replacement. Some copier leasing companies will answer emergency service calls on weekends.
  • Termination: Sometimes, businesses aren’t happy with their new photocopiers. In that case, it’s best to terminate the lease and search for a different model or company. However, some companies might require an early termination fee.
  • Upgrades: Some copier companies will include periodic upgrades during the duration of the lease. If this is the case with your selection, check the pricing in the final agreement.

The pricing should be documented and available to read within the lease. This will ensure fairness and transparent conditions.

Making the Final Choice for Your Photocopier

When choosing the best photocopier for your business, you’ll want to evaluate all the above points, including functionality, budget, company reputation, and pricing. Likewise, photocopier leasing companies should be readily professional and helpful. If they don’t meet your exact needs, don’t get discouraged. Many companies will be readily flexible to reach a mutually beneficial deal.

Optimize Your Workflow with a Leasing Company You Can Trust

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