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Although the modern office is (mostly) digital, good old physical paper copies are still much in use. As such, having a printer, copier, and scanner is still important for efficient document management. However, working with these devices separately can be overbearing. This is where an office copier printer scanner, also known as a multifunctional printer, comes in. Keep reading to explore how an office copier printer scanner works, features to look for when buying one, and tips for maximizing its functionality.

Understanding How an Office Copier Printer Scanner Works

An office copier printer scanner is an all-in-one machine that offers the functionalities of several stand-alone devices. As the name suggests, this device can copy, print, and scan documents.

Usually, the copier component uses a source of light, mainly a bright lamp, to illuminate the document that needs to be copied. The machine then captures a digital image of the document, processes it, and reproduces it onto a blank sheet of paper. The duplicate emerges on the output tray.

For printing, the machine receives a digital copy of the document and interprets its content. It then uses a mechanism called a print engine to transfer the digital data onto paper using inkjet or laser printing technology. The printed copy gets ejected from the printer’s output tray.

Lastly, scanning involves converting a physical document into a digital format that you can edit, store, and share electronically. Typically, you place your physical document on a scanner bed that captures a high-resolution digital image of the document and converts it into the required standard. Some devices have optical character recognition (OCR) that converts a scanned document into an editable format.

Features to Look Out for in an Office Copier Printer Scanner

Being able to perform multiple functions without the need to move from one device to the other is amazing. But you need to bear in mind that all office copier printer scanners are not equal. Here are features you should not compromise on for a productive and dependable machine.


Besides the copying, printing, and scanning functions, some manufacturers also add faxing services to a multifunctional printer. Though it sounds like an added benefit, most of the time, it’s not. This is because the manufacturers will forego the machine’s print quality to accommodate other components. As such, before buying your unit, define which features you want the most and ensure they have quality performance. Asking the vendor for a demo comes in handy in this case.

Wireless Capabilities

In an era where most business operations are digital, having a multifunctional printer that can communicate with other devices should be a priority. So, when choosing your office device, go for one with configurable Wi-Fi connectivity. In case the device doesn’t have Wi-Fi compatibility, ensure it features an integrated card that you can connect to a network port.

Cost of Replacing Ink Per Page

When buying your multifunctional printer, keep in mind the cost of ink cartridges will be recurring. Though at first it might not be much, cumulatively, it will be substantial, especially in a high-volume printing environment. For a business looking for ways to cut costs, it’s recommended to go for a machine with low ink costs.

To determine the ink replacement costs per page, divide the ink cartridge’s cost by the expected number of print pages.

A Duty Cycle That Will Meet Your Business Needs

The duty cycle refers to the number of pages a multifunctional printer will be able to print per month. Typically, your monthly printing volume should guide you in this case. If your printing demand is high, a machine with a high-duty cycle is suitable. This way, you won’t overwork the printer or cause it to wear out sooner.

Wake/Warm-Up Speed

When working in a busy office, it’s unpleasant to use an office copier printer scanner that takes a long time to get ready for use. Usually, most of these machines take around five to 45 seconds to warm up. Others have built-in sensors that wake them automatically. So, ensure you choose a machine that matches your productivity needs.


On the plus side, an office copier printer scanner frees up space by eliminating stand-alone devices. On the downside, it’s large and will require plenty of space for changing toners and loading paper. Before you buy your multifunctional printer, consider the space available in your office.

Tips for Maximizing the Efficiency of a Multifunctional Printer

Multifunctional printers are vital to keep a business running in a fast-paced environment. They are able to handle significant loads of work in a short time and have almost all the features a company needs. By maximizing their efficiency, you not only ensure you get the most out of them but also prolong their usefulness.

Here are tips on how to enhance the performance of a multifunctional printer:

Use High-Quality Supplies

Getting the right materials for your multifunctional printer goes a long way in ensuring that it works efficiently. Using low-quality supplies such as printing paper and toner can damage the delicate components of the printer.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Due to continued use, breakdowns can persist in office equipment, and multifunctional printers are no exception. Although they are big and sturdy, they have many fragile parts, such as the scanner glass and cartridges. Hiring a technician to perform maintenance checks keeps these parts in good working condition.

Train Your Staff on How to Use the Multifunctional Printer

Many office equipment breakdowns happen as a result of improper use. Multifunctional printers are delicate. Their ability to handle large document loads also comes with an increased risk of damage. Training the staff on how to use the printer properly ensures its safety and also optimizes its efficiency.

Do More With a Multifunctional Printer

Using stand-alone office machines can be challenging. First, employees will waste time moving from one corner to the other to complete tasks. Secondly, the cost of maintaining and servicing these devices might accumulate fast. Lastly, your office space might feel too crowded. As explained above, an office copier printer scanner can solve these problems.

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