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You can rent them, lease them, or buy them, but an office copier will always be one of the most significant investments your business will make, especially for a startup. As the American market veers towards streamlining workflows, there’s been an industry shift towards multi-function printers and copiers. It can still be a bewildering choice. Countless options in a catalog can make your head spin and feature lists could just as well be written in another language. Well, don’t worry, because we’re here to answer that important question: what features should I be looking for in my office copier?

Considering Your Needs

Essentially, any office copier will get the job done. How well it does it and what extras features are thrown in is where the choice starts to matter. When looking at the right copier for your business, it pays to do your homework:

  • Consider the needs of your business, its size, and your print and copy requirements.
  • Speak to a trusted print supplier and ask them for ideal solutions for your setup.
  • Do research of your own online. Read reviews and browse blogs for products and services.

Office Copier Features

It’s only natural to want the right copier that will integrate seamlessly into your business’s daily workflow without ruining you financially. The key to choosing the one that hits that sweet spot is to decide what combination of features will be the most useful. Here are some key factors and tools to be aware of:

Color Options

Perhaps the first thought that comes to mind are a copier’s color capabilities. Monochrome and color printers both have their place in the business world. Even within these two models, there are many variations. An advertising agency will require high-quality Pantone prints for mockups and proofs, while internal office posters may require less color accuracy.

It goes without saying, but color will always be the more expensive option (four cartridges vs. one). Choose this option only if necessary, and even then, choose how much color accuracy and depth matters to your printouts.

Image Quality

The scanner is the workhorse of any copier. The quality of this scanner varies widely, but can’t be changed once chosen. Standard word documents won’t need the sharpness and clarity that graphs and images might. On the other hand, the features of an advanced scanner will allow for more image customizability when copying files.

It’s a matter of finding the right balance between functionality and cost. Consider the nature of your business and what needs to be printed regularly.


Many forget that office copiers run operating systems. What’s more, having these devices connected to the office LAN network leaves them vulnerable to infiltration and hacking attempts. Because security priority on a print fleet is low or overlooked, many network breaches happen through these devices.

When looking for your office copier, be sure to check its security capabilities. A reliable copier should have:

  • Some level of data encryption.
  • Biometric or password confirmation.
  • Restricted access to certain users.
  • Regular updates and bug fixes that keep the software secure.
  • Options to regularly erase old data.

Wireless Functionality

With the growing power and more frequent use of smart devices, copiers that can wirelessly sync with these devices become more and more necessary. What’s more, a copier that can be accessed by laptops without need for a LAN cable can provide better on-the-go printing options.

Payment Models

While not an intrinsic copier feature per se, the amount you pay for a machine and how you do so will greatly affect your decision:

  • Purchase: This is the most expensive choice initially, but evens out with frequent and long-term use. What’s more, the copier can be listed as a company asset.
  • Lease: This option ranges from six months to a few years. You’ll have access to the machine, with an option to upgrade at the end of the period or even a chance to buy it at fair market value.
  • Rent: This option is only financially viable for a short period, usually up to a year. It offers low-commitment access to the machine, with dedicated support and frequent updates, but no possibility for ownership.

Managed Print Services

If your office copier will form part of a larger print fleet, then it can make sense to outsource its maintenance and upkeep to a reliable company through a managed print services agreement. External copier providers will offer this service to clients, saving them both time and stress.

A managed print service is formalized through a service level agreement between both parties and offers a host of benefits, including:

  • Frequent maintenance
  • Upgrades of obsolete machines
  • Regular toner replacement
  • Offsite security monitoring
  • Dedicated usage tracking of all printing
  • On-site training of business staff

Depending on the size of your business, it can be a good idea to make use of this service.


Everybody complains that a copier is slow when you’re in a hurry, but speed really is a factor that can make all the difference. It also comes in many forms, which include:

  • The warmup cycle of a printer, which can take anywhere from five to 45 seconds
  • The startup time of the software, which depends on its age and complexity
  • The output speed of the copier itself. Speeds vary widely from 30-100 pages per minute (PPM)
  • The speed of the scan and copy features

Faster speeds come with a higher price tag. Smaller copiers are more economical, but also run the risk of causing bottlenecks in the workflow if several employees need it at the same time. Consider the size of your business and its printing needs.

Finishing Options

Copying can be made a whole lot easier by additional finishing features that some copiers include. If you’re planning a large output, you could speed up the process with a machine that can handle:

  • Paper sorting, either through trays
  • Booklet-making capabilities
  • Automatic stapling
  • Automatic paper folding

Supplies and Replacement Parts

A good copier is never just a one-off purchase. There’ll be regular maintenance required too. Parts will need replacing and the right supplies to be sourced. Certain copy machines may sound reasonable on paper, but can quickly become expensive when, say, needing a part imported from another country.

Some copiers also run through toner and paper much quicker than others. Copier errors can add up over time, and some can go through ink quickly. This is typically measured in price per page. Ensure that you check these details before purchase, or use copiers that offer service monitoring and usage tracking to keep things under control.

The Right Office Copier Supplier

Looking for the perfect office copier requires that you take a long look at your business and its needs first. Budget, size, and printing needs are all factors that will influence your ultimate choice. One final aspect that’ll make all the difference is the right print supplier.

And at Docutrend, we believe we’re that perfect partner.

We’ve built a career over 20 years on the delivery both of copiers and a commitment to excellence. We’re ready and capable to take your New York, Totowa, Pennsauken, Edison, or Ft. Washington business to the next level and beyond.