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Having the right equipment is essential when running a successful business. Office printer and scanner devices are among the most important machinesthat a business relies on. The modern-day market offers two-in-one, multifunctional printers that perform both printing and scanning functions.

Here’s why your business needs one of these robust devices.

How Office Printer and Scanner Works

Ever since the first scanner was invented in 1957, it has changed the way most modern-day businesses and organizations operate. An average consumer and business owner use scanners for every imaginable utility.

Modern businesses can now integrate scanner and printing technology into their workplace and use scanners as essential parts of their printing devices. In fact, for small businesses, typical printing-only devices are often replaced with multifunctional devices with scanners and other features.

Most scanners are built with lids equipped with a special pad that reflects the light over the scanned document, ensuring the integrity of the text and image.

Modern printers and scanners have Wi-Fi connectivity. Thanks to cloud services, businesses can quickly scan and print directly to or from the cloud to ensure easy access for all employees.

The Benefits of Office Printer and Scanner Devices

Many small businesses purchase multifunction printersthat incorporate a printer, scanner, fax, and other features in a single unit. Undoubtedly, this is an economical way to get basic hardware for running a business.

Here are the advantages of investing in office printer and scanner devices.

Space-Saving Investment

Purchasing a single device with multifunctional features comes with one apparent benefit. It doesn’t take up much space in the office. Instead of having to find room for a bulky scanner, printer, and maybe a copier, you can get a single device that gets the job done.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Another major benefit of these devices is their cost-efficiency. If you get a multifunctional printer that also acts as a copy machine, you save a significant amount of your budget on toners for all devices. The same goes for ink. Hardware savings are apparent when you combine all these features into a single device.

In terms of office costs, multifunctional printers reduce office utilities. These devices lower the use of electricity, given that fewer machines are running at the same time. To get the most out of these benefits, pick printers with Energy Star ratings. In the process, you’ll lower your company’s carbon footprint as well.

Finally, your organization can also save money on maintenance expenses. It’s always easier and less costly to maintain a single, generalized device compared to two or more specialized devices. Plus, it’s much quicker and easier to find spare parts.

Easy to Use

Your office staff only has to master a single, integrated interface to operate the printer and scanner. This feature makes multifunction machines easy and efficient to manage. Additionally, modern-day solutions have colorful touchscreen and navigation devices to make the user experience smoother.

Typically, printing and scanning are done using two to three keys maximum.

Added Productivity

Multifunction printers, notably those with printing and scanning features, often come with greater operating speed than traditional solutions. The higher the speed of the device, the higher the productivity levels.

Better Document Management

When you organize your printing and scanning infrastructure in one place, both physically and digitally, it helps boost your document management. The powerful software lets users connect wireless devices like smartphones, PCs, and tablets to run the printer. Given that offices often rely on mobile devices, a wireless printing possibility is a major benefit.

Potential Downsides of Printer and Scanner Devices

While multifunctional printers have some incredible benefits, not all models are suitable for every office. The downsides are most notably due to the following.

Traffic Jams

Traffic jams occur when too many tasks are assigned to a single printer. There will most likely come a time when multiple people want to use the device to scan and print documents. However, the issue can be easily avoided by limiting the number of documents being processed at a time.

Multitasking Isn’t Always an Option

Not all multifunction printers can perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Some manufacturers prevent multitasking to avoid traffic jams.Read the product description in detail to ensure the device you want supports both functions at the same time.

Potentially Limited Specialization

If you purchase a multifunction printer, scanner, copy machine, and fax machine, you’re definitely in for high versatility. However, some of these devices may only have a limited option for scanning documents compared to high-end scanner-only machines. The same goes for printers.

Luckily, numerous options on the market offer robust features that meet the needs of most small and medium-sized businesses.

The Features to Look For in Printer and Scanner Machines

In terms of the features to look out for in multifunctional printers, here’s a short overview to help you make the most out of your investment:

  • Fast print speed (at least 20 black and white pages per minute is good)
  • Satisfactory duty cycle (20,000-25,000 pages for a printer)
  • Low ink replacement expenses
  • Automatic document feeder (so you don’t have to manually insert documents when scanning multiple pages)
  • High resolution for the scanner (4800 x 4800 would be best)
  • Wi-Fi compatibility

When you find a printer and scanner that supports these basic features, you’re guaranteed to streamline your business and make document managementsmoother. Luckily, plenty of manufacturers and machine providers on the market offer machines that meet different business and industry needs.

Get Top of the Line Printer and Scanner Solution for Your Business

Streamlining your daily business tasks and having access to the latest technology and resources makes your business run smoother. One way to achieve success is to invest in office printer and scanner equipment. If your budget is restrictive, however, consider leasing one.

Make your New York, Pennsauken, Totowa, Edison, or Ft. Washington office more functional and productive by using Docutrend’s services. Contact us today so we can come up with the best solution to meet your particular business needs.