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All offices have printing requirements. Contrary to claims about a paperless society, the rise of digital documentation hasn’t made paper extinct. Offices need to print invoices, reports, and even marketing materials. They also need to scan and copy documents. The only solution that doesn’t require multiple machines is an all-in-one office printer. This short guide provides everything you need to know about sourcing a reliable, efficient all-in-one office printer for your company.

Factors to Consider When Sourcing Office Printers

Before you invest in the highest-end printer you can afford, assess your office’s printing needs. If you only need to print the occasional document and don’t require copying/scanning capabilities, an all-in-one office printer will be a waste of money. An alternative would be a single printer unit. Conversely, if you print thousands of pages each month, you need a heavy-duty all-in-one office printer.

You should also consider the equipment you already have in your office. If you’re adding another machine to a network of all-in-one office printers, you probably want the same make and model. However, if it’s a new investment, you can shop around to find out which brands offer features that match your needs.

When sourcing printers, make sure the model you choose is an all-in-one device. Some multifunction printers (MFPs) may only have two or three of the features you require. Look for the phrase “all-in-one” or the acronym AIO.

Types of All-in-One Office Printer

There are various types of printers, with each having its pros and cons. Always consider the overall feature package as well as the ink and cartridge type.

Inkjet All-in-One Office Printers

Inkjet printers utilize cartridges that are easy to slot in and out of the machine. Each cartridge contains one type of ink: black or color. Ink cartridges are expensive, but most offices can save money by buying in bulk or utilizing an ink cartridge subscription plan.

Inkjet printers are more compact but tend to have a higher cost per page. Businesses that need high-quality, glossy photo printing are more likely to invest in inkjet printers.

Ink Tank All-in-One Office Printers

Ink tank printers work in the same way as inkjet printers. The only difference is that instead of cartridges, ink tanks use bottles of ink. Note that these can be cheaper than cartridges. Unfortunately, the ink bottles aren’t as easy to replace as cartridges. It’s quite common to get drips or spills, making these impractical for use in open offices.

Laser All-in-One Office Printers

Laser printers use toner instead of ink. Toner is a powder held inside a cartridge. When the printer is used, the laser melts the toner into droplets, and an electric charge attracts it to the correct place on the paper. Laser printers are ideal for large volumes of text documents. They’re not as good for printing photos or other detailed images as inkjet printers. Laser printers are usually more expensive to purchase than inkjet alternatives, but the cost per page is lower. For busy offices, a laser all-in-one printer can be a good long-term investment.

Features of Popular All-in-One Office Printers

Always look at the features list on the printers you research. Don’t rely on the advertisements or website copy — go straight to either “features” or “tech specs” so you understand exactly what your new printer is capable of.

Here are a few key features to consider.

High Paper Capacity

Your all-in-one office printer should be able to store sufficient paper for your daily needs. Some even have storage built in so you can quickly source more copy paper as required.

Monochrome and Color Copying and Printing

Don’t assume that all printers produce every document in color. Some models still focus on monochrome, as lower-cost alternatives for businesses that only need black and white documents. Ensure you check that your all-in-one-office printer choice can print in the color and quality you need.

Fax Capabilities

Many modern businesses think that the fax machine has had its day. But for businesses that receive signed documents daily, a fax service is essential. While some customers can scan their signed papers and email them over to you, not everyone has a scanner in their home. For insurers, telecom providers, and other firms reliant on signed contracts and forms, fax is still the answer. If you need this capability, check with the manufacturer or supplier that the printer has a fax built in.


If your business produces a lot of printed documents, you need to source an all-in-one office printer with auto duplex printing. Auto duplex printers automatically print on both sides of the paper without you having to manually turn the sheet. This is a huge time saver for busy offices.

Energy Efficiency

The more energy-efficient your printer, the less it costs to run. Energy-efficient devices can also reduce your business’s carbon footprint and help you hit your sustainability targets. Check the technical specifications of each printer to gauge the power consumption, or consult a printing systems expert.

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