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Running an office involves countless tasks. Business owners need to make sure the workflow is reliable and efficient. Easy access to equipment, like printers, is among the most important aspects of a successful business.

If the budget is limited, printer rental is often the best solution. More businesses today choose this option due to its numerous benefits. Here’s why you should consider it too.

How Renting a Printer Works

Many organizations and businesses use rental services for office equipment supply. As a small business, you can lease a printer for your company to boost the efficiency and productivity of your staff.

Most printer rentals are done through standard leases. Fortunately, the lease doesn’t only refer to a service provider giving you a printer. Besides leasing the physical machine, services include supply management, maintenance, and agile customer service.

When you sign up for managed print services (MPS), you get a complete service that aims to optimize your company’s document management.

Duration of the Contract

The great thing about printer rental contracts is flexibility. You can opt for a specific rental period or go fora long-term contract.

But which rental type is better?

The answer depends on your current business situation.

New Businesses

If you’re only starting a new business and aren’t sure about your success and failure rates, you can go for a short-term rental. Even though this is a more expensive option, it’s also a safer one if you aren’t sure how much you’ll get to use the machine.

You can always assess your usage and upgrade to a long-term contract if needed.

Established Businesses

Established businesses can choose long-term rental plans because they’re more affordable. Also, renting a printer helps you be on the same page with the latest technology, offering a competitive advantage over other service providers.

You can make a plan regarding the specific duration of the lease. Most companies opt for two-year plans at the very least.

The Benefits of Renting a Printer

Now that you understand how printer rentals work, we’ll explore the advantages of opting for such a service for your business.


New printer costsare often higher than a small business can afford. Printer rental, on the other hand, only comes at a fraction of the price. Employees can access the latest printer systems from brands like Canon without the business owners breaking the bank.

Printer rental is also cost-effective in terms of maintenance. Maintenance costsare among the biggest expenses for businesses. A rented printer can help reduce the outlay.

No Down Payment

With printer rental, you don’t have to make down payments. You acquire new equipment for your business without having to tap into funds you plan on spending on other expenditures.

Can Make Your Business More Agile

The technology landscape changes from one season to another. It’s often difficult to keep up with the trends. With a printer rental, your business can upgrade to the latest models or switch to different models. As a result, your business is up-to-date with the latest printing technology.

Better yet, you can choose a printer that meets your business and working standards.

Expert Support

Companies that specialize in printer rental have robust technical support teams. Some even have 24/7 teams that can keep your printing operations running efficiently at any time.

Whether one of your workers has trouble printing a document or you notice a malfunction on the device, you can get professional assistance witha single phone call.

Protection From Unforeseen Technical Issues

Repairs or replacements for office equipment like printers can cost as much as a new unit. But with a printer service provider, you eliminate the need for additional expenses.

Printer rental can protect your business from unforeseen technical difficulties. When an issue arises, you can contact the rental company and have their experts resolve it.

Boosts Productivity

When you lease a printer from a print service provider, you can choose the model that fits your business’s specific needs. The skilled technicians from the rental company can recommend the most suitable machine for your budget and preferences.

Is printer connectivity your top priority? Do you need to make both one-sided and two-sided prints? Whatever your requirements, you can find a printer that delivers just that.

With the right printer, you can make high-quality prints in seconds. Your team is more efficient, the overall productivity rates are higher, and the work gets done on time.

Environmental Responsibility

When renting a printer, your business reduces its environmental footprint. You can rent the printer for as long as you need and then return it to the rental company. The service provider will then use that printer to help other businesses streamline their workflow. As a result, you help reduce waste and save valuable resources.

Finding the Perfect Rental Service for Your Business

Once you’ve decided to rent a printer, the next big question is finding the ideal model or service provider.

Below are short actionable tips to help you make the best choice.

Research Your Printer Options

Before making calls to rental companies, do independent research about different types of printers, functionalities, and costs. The better informed you are, the more confident you’ll be when making the final decision.

Research Your Provider Options

Perform Google, Yelp, or similar platform research to find reliable companies. Feel free to ask for quotes from multiple providers and check their printer offersto find the best option.

Set a Budget

Determine how much you can spend each month on a rental contract for an office printer. Some companies tend to overcharge for additional services, which can increase the overall fees. Plan additional spending or get in touch with the service provider to ask whether there are any extra costs involved.

Printer Rental for Your Business Is Only One Call Away

Printer rentals are an invaluable asset for any business and can be a smart investment. They keep your business more productive and agile, provide cost savings, and offer protection from unforeseen events.

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