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The best wide format printer for your business takes care of all your large-scale printing needs. It will come fitted with many features, from compatibility with other workplace devices to color calibration. Generally speaking, the right wide format printer should present a reasonably priced solution that’s proficient in meeting your business’s everyday requirements. However, there’s a huge diversity of wide format printers on the market, each with its own characteristics and capabilities. The particular wide format printer best suited for your business will depend on your organization and its specific demands. Making the correct decision is crucial. This article will explain all the essential information related to finding the right wide format printer for the job.

What to Look For in a Wide Format Printer

When you’re trying to figure out which wide format printer is perfect for the job, there are a couple of important things to bear in mind. Having someone who knows the industry deeply can really help you make the right call. Knowing exactly what to keep an eye out for will make sure you land the perfect pick fit for your business.


Top-shelf printing quality is crucial for any printer, and wide-format ones are no different. Since these types of printers typically come with an increased price tag, it’s super important to make sure the quality matches the cost. A crisp, sharp outcome is the goal, and there are three core factors to assess when determining print quality.

  1. Resolution and DPI: In printing talk, resolution basically means how sharp and detailed your prints are going to look. It’s all about clarity and detail. The main way it’s measured is by dots per inch (DPI).

In terms of resolution, the higher the DPI, the higher the resolution.

  1. Ink droplet size: DPI isn’t the only thing that matters for how clear your prints turn out. Along with how close together and where the ink dots go, the size of those dots also plays a big role in making first-class prints.

When small ink droplets are accurately placed, it results in smoother, sharper, and more intricate outcomes.

  1. Quantity of cartridges: Not all wide format printers are the same when it comes to ink cartridges. Some might have five, others eight, and some even go up to 12.

More cartridges mean the printer can churn out a more extensive range of colors. For places like photo studios, having all those options can make a difference.

Price Point

Getting a wide-format printer can be a pretty big splurge initially. There’s an assortment of gear and features that add to the price tag, like its size, brand, the type of cartridges it uses, the resolution, etc.

Toner-type wide format printers are generally more expensive than their inkjet counterparts. However, this is compounded further as, typically, inkjet printers have shorter lifespans.

Conducting periodic cleaning and maintenance can increase the lifespan of your printer. Just remember to weigh the initial costs against the amount of time the printer will last for a realistic return on investment estimation.


For businesses that have prolific printing requirements, speed is king. The ability to pump out high-speed prints that match the business needs is essential for enhancing workplace productivity and efficiency.

Once again, the inkjet vs. toner debate is crucial when it comes to print speed, as typically toner printers are faster than their inkjet rivals. However, not all businesses will constantly use their printer all day. Therefore, it’s important not to purchase a high-speed wide format printer unless it’s required to avoid unnecessarily overpaying.


Wide format printers come in an extensive variety of sizes, specially designed to perform specific printing duties. Of course, the larger the printer size, the more components and labor goes into its manufacturing, leading to higher purchase prices.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you do your research and determine the specific size printer to perform the duties your business needs it to. This will help to avoid paying more for a larger printer that simply isn’t needed.

Additional Features

Wide-format printers can be imbued with a host of unique and cutting-edge features that enhance their capabilities. Your business may not need all of these extra features to perform to the standard required in the workplace. However, given how much impact they can have in terms of performance, it’s worthwhile taking into consideration.

Features such as ongoing expert support for the duration of the printer’s working life can greatly reduce repair costs and downtime. Additionally, connectivity with other devices via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, USB, cloud services, or NFC tech can be super helpful in today’s highly interconnected world. The ability to seamlessly transmit documents or images using a compatible printer can be a powerful force for increasing productivity.

Finally, evaluating the durability, reliability, and user-friendly properties of the wide format printer should be factored into the equation.

What Kind of Businesses May Require a Wide Format Printer?

Generally, most businesses don’t require a wide format printer to fulfill their everyday printing needs. However, wide format printers are specialized pieces of equipment that are necessary for a range of businesses, including:

  • Construction, architectural, and engineering organizations
  • Graphic design companies
  • Community colleges and other educational institutions
  • Art galleries and other exhibition studios
  • Specialized printing centers
  • Promotional companies such as advertising and marketing
  • Signage companies

These are merely a small sampling of businesses that would likely require a wide format printer to be competitive in their respective industries.

Get the Best Printer for Your Business

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