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A printer service is as unique as the business that uses it. There are various service specializations on the market, from printing out simple brochures to impressing the public eye with attention-grabbing billboards. In a sea of possibilities, you need to remember one thing:

Focus on the printing service that aligns with your business goal.

Knowing your options can help you find a printer service that fits your needs more quickly. The following piece will help you distinguish different printing services and their benefits.

Printer Service Types and Their Benefits

If you’re new to the printing business, choosing the perfect printer service that meets your professional expectations might initially be a bit overwhelming.

Here are the five primary printing services and their advantages.

Digital Printing

For starters, digital printing is the opposite of traditional offset printing, which relies on huge metal sheets. Digital printing implies printing digital-based images directly to various media – regular paper, photo paper, canvas, cardstock, fabric, etc.

This printing service excels at producing short print runs quickly, which is also one of its primary purposes. It relies on toner-based technology, which puts it one step ahead of traditional printing.

The demand for digital printing is growing by the day, and it carries numerous benefits for the business:

  • Print-on-demand
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Cost-effective
  • High-quality printing
  • Available printed proof

Sheet-Fed Printing

Also known as premium lithography, sheet-fed printing is a unique printing service. It works by printing out individual paper sheets rather than continuous rolls. The latter option is reserved for web printing, outlined later in the article.

Sheet-fed printing is ideal for small to medium printing projects. The prints are as small as 4 inches and go up to 40 inches. This service is most commonly used for letterheads, stationery, flyers, brochures, business cards, custom business forms, etc.

Although they aren’t as fast, sheet-fed presses don’t require a lot of manual labor. Other advantages of this printing service include the following:

  • High printing speed
  • Ensures a specialty finish
  • An efficient automated system
  • Sheets are printable twice
  • Less waste
  • Heavier and thicker stock capabilities
  • Economical for small print-runs

Web-Offset Printing

Web-offset printers are room-sized and require several press operators and special equipment. They are supported by finishing equipment that folds, collates, and trims the finished product. This type of printing service almost always involves large paper rolls.

A web-offset printer can print newspapers, answer sheets, lottery tickets, booklets, share forms, etc.

Although they’re characterized by heavier power requirements, web-offset printing services offer the following benefits:

  • Fast printing production
  • High-quality images
  • In-line folding option
  • Fast turnaround time
  • A cost-effective option

Variable Data Printing

As the name suggests, variable data printing, or VDP, allows variable print insertion. These variations apply to either individual pieces or a batch in a print run. This printing service will enable businesses and marketers to customize their selections. VDP has revolutionized the printing industry.

Although it’s marginally expensive, it guarantees the following:

  • Tracking print ads through barcodes/coupons
  • A greener initiative in the printing industry
  • Personalized marketing opportunities
  • A considerable ROI

Screen Printing

Screen printing can be accomplished by using a rotary or flat screen. It uses a traditional printing technique and is particularly effective for creating posters, artwork, and canvases. It can also be used for printing textiles and fabrics.

Some of the significant benefits of screen printing include the following:

  • Use on a variety of materials (glass, wood, fabric, textiles, electronics, banners, etc.)
  • A high-quality output
  • Relatively durable
  • Cost-effective for large quantities

Choosing a First-Rate Printer for Your Business

If you’re investing in a new printer for your business, it should be able to check out the following boxes:

High print speed: Print speed is a determining factor for corporations. It is measured as printed pages per minute (PPM). Printers that can print out 30 pages fall under this category. If you’re a small business that usually prints one-sided papers, a high-speed printer may be slightly overpowered.

If you’re currently dealing with a low print speed, there are ways to increase it. You can try checking your connection, reducing print quality (which might not be the best option), increasing RAM, or just simply reducing the number of pages.

Single or multifunction printers: You must first decide whether your business needs a single or multifunction printer. Single printers usually offer only print functionality. On the other hand, multifunction printers offer scanning and copying capabilities on color and black-and-white paper.

Energy efficiency: Regardless of the workplace, using a particular printer model can contribute to significant environmental savings. To check your printer option for this feature, look under the “Energy Efficient” section of the product.

If your business is looking for a printer that’s high-quality and environmentally friendly at the same time, laser printers might be the right choice for you.

Overall costs: Naturally, the overall cost of owning a printer is a key factor. Before you invest in a high-quality printer, consider the following factors: maintenance, potential savings, initial purchase price, ink and toner cost, energy consumption, etc.

Here are the price ranges for the different printer types:

  • Basic office printer (color prints) – $900 – $3,000
  • Multifunction device (copy + print+ scan + fax) – $2,800 – $6,000
  • Commercial printers (high-output prints) – $41,000 – $100,000

A Printer Service That Elevates Your Business

The printer service you’re searching for depends solely on your business goal. Luckily, the printing industry offers various services to help you achieve that. You can rely on digital printing, sheet-fed, web-offset, variable data printing, or screen printing.

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