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Today’s business landscape moves at the speed of light. Companies are becoming increasingly intelligent about unified communication tasks and managed services providers are increasing the rate they provide solutions week by week. These improved methods of unified communications have come at the right time, as the Covid-19 pandemic has forced employees and managers alike to work from home. To more effectively and efficiently work from the confines of home, many businesses adopted “unified communications.”

Unified communication is an all-encompassing term for phone systems that are capable of performing more tasks than simple voice calls. There are many tasks these phone systems can perform and they’re revolutionizing the way companies are conducting business during the pandemic. To stay ahead of the competition and ease the burden of working from home for your employees, your company should carefully consider adopting unified communications, as they offer many services in one neat package.

Voice over IP (VoIP) and PBX Cloud Phone Systems

Regular, “voice only” phone calls are quickly becoming an outdated method for performing daily tasks in the business sector. Many believe that their employees, both young and old, prefer to use voice over any other communication avenue, but this is quickly becoming an unfounded assumption. However, today a communication platform must allow for communication from office phones, computers and mobile phones to maintain uninterrupted business. Thanks to VoIP and cloud phone systems, these platforms are easily integrated, and conversations can be conducted seamlessly between all platforms.

While voice-to-voice communication is the cornerstone of the corporate currently, it’s not always the most efficient way to communicate, especially when your employees are not in the office. Text and video chat are increasingly becoming popular and more efficient avenues for employees to communicate, and you’ll need a service that allows you to switch between these different avenues with ease and clarity.

Team Chat and Business SMS

Instant messaging is a great tool for quick and easy communication, but many businesses are starting to take the concept one step further. Team messaging functionality allows groups and teams to speak internally and collaborate with one another, both in real-time and over the course of a day or week. Because of the increasing difficulty of gathering everybody into a meeting room at once, team messaging software has become critically important to maintain and use on a more frequent basis; the software and can also be used by managers who want to send their entire team one message all at once.

Team messaging allows your team to solve problems in a quick and unified manner, letting them return to their work quickly and without hassle. Additionally, team messaging reduces the length and number of long, complicated e-mail threads, a surefire blessing for your whole team.

Collaboration and Video Conferencing

Simple voice and text communication are great, but companies need a way to feel as if they’re in the office without actually being there. This is where web collaboration comes into play. Web collaboration allows your team to share their screens with one another, enabling them to give presentations and convey other vital information that can’t be shared with just their voice or a text.

This concept is relatively new to the workplace but has already been tinkered and toyed with in exciting and innovative ways. Managers can hand off control to different team members, and there are tools that enhance your team’s ability to share the screen and give clear and concise visual demonstrations while collaborating over the web.

Reporting and Analytics

While the ability to communicate through a rich and diverse multitude of avenues is great for your business, unified communications also offers the ability to analyze and track the data your team is sending out and receiving. For example, you’ll know how many calls are coming in and going out, how many are abandoned, and how many are being ignored by your team as a whole.

You can monitor unreturned calls as well, if one of your teammates leaves a voicemail which is never returned, for instance. These analytics stretch however far you want them to; they can be enabled for your call centers, your phone systems, and your individual team members. These analytics can help businesses make sure their employees are staying productive and on-task throughout the day.


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