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VoIP vs. UCaaS: What’s the Difference

Corporate technology buyers have been hearing about voice over IP (VoIP) since it’s become the mainstream standard for voice communications among small to midsized businesses (SMBs). It’s enjoyed this success because it demonstrates too many benefits when …

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The “New Normal” Business Communication

Collaboration is the key to success in today’s business world. Businesses that collaborate and share information are more successful than those that don’t. Unified Communications allows you to communicate with your colleagues, clients, and partners …

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The Importance of Unified Communication

If you own a small startup, or a large, multi-store corporation, you know the importance of strong communication. Communication between team members leads to more productive and efficient employees and keeps everyone in your company …

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Increase Business Efficiency With a Communication Strategy

Good communication is foundational in building and maintaining personal relationships, while it can often be relegated to an afterthought in our business relationships.

Yet strong communication is one of the most important practices of any …

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Benefits of Unified Communications

There are many benefits of utilizing unified communications. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it will touch on some important incentives all managers want:

Increased Productivity

Rather than forcing your employees to switch between several …

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The Future of Business Communications is Here

One thing the year 2020 taught us is how productive remote and digital workforces can be. With lockdowns and shelter in place orders, many companies were forced to pivot their operations to include a workforce …

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Working from Home Benefits Both Employees and Companies

Society’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic led to a surge in remote work and working from home, but this trend had been building over time. Studies showed that up to half of the global workforce spent …

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How to Make a Smooth Transition to a Modern Phone System

Your communications system represents the lifeblood of your business. So switching to a new phone system can be a big challenge for a small- or medium-sized company. The first step on the road to success …