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Docutrend Professional Services

Docutrend performs a comprehensive assessment of your current practices – how documents are organized, stored, retrieved and delivered – and develops a document management roadmap that automates processes and streamlines information exchange.

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specialized program for managed print services
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Docutrend Managed Print Services Program

Maintaining, supplying, and optimizing your organization’s printers and MFPs can be a never-ending job. It is labor-intensive, time-consuming, and can become a major drag on your already over-extended staff.

Docutrend’s Managed Print Services Program provides …

affordable managed print services
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Managed Print Services

Businesses today are faced with challenges galore. Many have a deep desire to go “green,” even more not only want to improve security but need to, and all organizations regardless of vertical are constantly trying …

industrial and commercial printing
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Production and Commercial Print

Specially designed by leading manufacturers to plug a gap in the market between office photocopiers and lithographic printers, a light production printer allows companies to move their out-sourced print into the business.

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innovative technologies accessible to all
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Providing Accessible Solutions

Docutrend and our imaging partners are committed to providing technology that’s fully accessible by everyone, including those with physical challenges.  Our solutions enable schools to address concerns about limited mobility and visual impairments.

Specially designed …

care for the environment
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Protecting the Environment

Schools are at the heart of their communities and are expected to be a model for environmental responsibility. Docutrend and our partners like Canon, a world-class leader in imaging technologies, believe that the interests of …

modern information technologies
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Your Business Runs on Information

Whether you print, store, scan, track, or edit them, documents contain data that keeps your business on track. Managing those documents requires thoughtful planning and execution. It means having a vision of how information flows …

mobile printing
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Mobile Printing

Student printing requirements go far beyond being able to “file, print” from their desktop PCs. Advances in technology mean that students are no longer confined to their desks to do their work but can work …

convenient printing for students
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Managing a Student-Friendly Printing Environment

uniFLOW has been designed to meet the special requirements of school, college and higher education environments. Whether you are a small primary school or a university with tens of thousands of students, uniFLOW can help …