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Docutrend performs a comprehensive assessment of your current practices – how documents are organized, stored, retrieved and delivered – and develops a document management roadmap that automates processes and streamlines information exchange.

Consulting Services
We can design and implement an automated document system from the ground up or upgrade your existing system by integrating complementary technologies that will enhance every phase of the document life cycle:

  • Document Capture: we integrate paper and electronic documents in order to streamline your business processes
  • Workflow: we design workflows based on your specific user requirements and business rules
  • Output/Distribution: we enable you to manage print and electronic output, which includes monitoring and supporting all related output devices
  • Storage/Archival: we help you retain and manage business information, insuring its security and continuous availability.

How We Do It
Docutrend’s Professional Services team will help you calculate your document costs (including all hard and software dollar expenditures), and tailor a solution that delivers significant efficiencies and savings. We bring unmatched depth and expertise in tailoring a robust, flexible solution that fits your specific environment and meets your most critical business objectives.

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