Category: Managed Services

Managed Print Services are designed to improve a business’s efficiency by addressing its printing environment. Without a program in place, scanners, fax machines, copiers, and other office printing devices can consume large amounts of time to maintain and repair, as well as cost fair amounts of money and resources.

A managed print services team can help increase business productivity and workflow, save time and money, reduce your environmental footprint, perform routine inspections and replacements, and improve information security.

Increase Productivity and Workflow

Once the services are implemented, users can expect an increase in office productivity and workflow. The team will identify strategies to consolidate the many printing devices utilized within an office. Too many machines scattered around can cause extra work and even possible confusion for employees. Eliminate the need for learning and operating numerous machines, and let a Managed Print Services program help you discover ways to consolidate.

Managed Print Services includes analyzing old machines and suggesting upgrades if necessary. Upon upgrading, office training on the new machines is sometimes offered. This streamlined process will increase workflow and efficiency rapidly.

Save Time and Money

Malfunctioning printing devices can be a very frustrating occurrence in the office. Taking valuable time out of your busy day to troubleshoot various problems can be stressful. Managed Print Services will not only fix malfunctioning machines but will also identify possible future problems and fix them accordingly. This will undoubtedly ensure fewer breakdowns in the future.

Businesses save money by maintaining all of the office’s printing machines at once. This is due in part to an eliminated need to maintain individual devices one at a time, which can be costly. Another way that Managed Print Services will save money is by analyzing printer usage and costs, and then recommending methods to cut back or allocate permissions based on usage.

Reduce Environmental Footprint

The use of electricity, paper, ink, and other print consumables adds up. The monitoring system offered by Managed Print Services allows businesses to track how much energy and products are being used as well as predict how much will be used in the future. The ability to assess and adjust these numbers provides a knowledgeable way to reduce your environmental footprint.

Exercise being a responsible business by reducing waste and closely observing key performance indicators.

Maximize Uptime

With “always-on” monitoring, inefficient machines and parts that need replacement will be brought to attention before they become a problem. Printing devices have many pieces that require replacement, including ink cartridges, toner, and other moving parts that receive plenty of wear and tear. Few things are more inconvenient than running out of ink or toner without a backup supply.

Improve Information Security

Intellectual property theft and information security breaches are unfortunate modern-day risks. Confidential information is commonly printed, which means it is possible to be stolen. However, security software can be installed across devices to add protection to vulnerable documents. Sign-in procedures, secure waste disposal, and automatic hard drive wiping functionality are all examples of solutions to prevent hackers from retrieving sensitive information.

Adding Managed Print Services cuts down on the number of people who have access to confidential information. This is a great advantage, as there is no need to hire multiple people from different companies. Limiting the number of people who have access to a printing network will surely decrease the chances of intellectual property theft and information security breaches, which should not be underestimated.


The world of print technology is constantly changing and improving for the better. Managed Print Services from Docutrend can help businesses keep up with the times and enhance overall office efficiency, productivity, and workflow. These services can be tailored to your specific needs and benefit the bottom line by saving time and money. 

Focus on the growth of your business rather than the minute details of everyday printing machine needs. Leave it to the printing experts in full confidence.