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One of the biggest challenges a company faces is how to protect, manage and back up their business data. Emergencies can and do occur as we have experienced with the recent hurricane Harvey that ravaged Houston, making it impossible for many businesses to operate due to flood and loss of data. With hurricane Irma now approaching the East Coast, this is a good time to start thinking about a cloud based document management software for your business. By securing your documents in the cloud, you are ensuring the stability and continuity of your business.

In addition to the freedom and flexibility having your business data in the cloud affords, there are a number of ways in which a cloud based document management system can protect your business. Employees can work remotely without the need to be in the office in case of emergencies. Additionally, having accounting data available is crucial for ensuring compliance and business continuity in the event of a natural disaster or other data breach, but what happens if your accounting documents are destroyed or misplaced? It goes without saying that your business can be drastically affected. Critical business information is far more protected in the cloud than when it is sitting on a local server in your office.

When your data is securely protected in the cloud, it won’t be damaged or lost in the event of a fire or a natural disaster like a hurricane. Your office building could be affected but you will have your whole company ready to work from home or an alternate location. Plus, you are able to access the data you need from a tablet or smartphone at anywhere at any time without having to go to a physical office to get information saved on your workstation.

Disasters like hurricanes that disrupt businesses and destroy documents are reminders of our vital it is to protect critical business information. We know our crucial information is to a company, it is the life force of a business. By implementing a cloud based document management software, you are protecting the continuity of your business. Instead of being disrupted should disaster strike, you and your team can carry on as usual. Contact us to learn more about how Docutrend can help with document management.