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There are many benefits of utilizing unified communications. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it will touch on some important incentives all managers want:

Increased Productivity

Rather than forcing your employees to switch between several apps and devices to communicate with their team members, unified communications allows employees to save valuable time by access all communication within a central platform. Businesses that have adopted unified communications have actually seen a 52% increase in productivity and reported a 45% increase in efficiency in their workforce.

Team Responsiveness

You’ve sent an important and time-sensitive email. Now you wait for it to be received and responded to. The wait can be torture, especially when you need a simple answer to continue with your task. With a unified communications platform, you and your team members can reach each other at any time, leading to faster response times and thus better productivity.

Reduced Business Costs

Think about how much time is wasted due to poor communication channels. While your team could be working to finish their projects, they are waiting to hear back from someone about a simple answer to a simple question. All that wasted time equates to wasted money. Rather than waste more money, you can reduce your business costs by creating a more seamless communication setting by using a unified communications platform.

Greater Collaboration

One of the hallmarks of great collaboration is great communication. It goes without saying, unified communications lead to better collaboration. As it’s easier to communicate, it will be easier for your team members to collaborate. Plus unified communications tools encourage cross-function collaboration, meaning your team members will naturally be lead to collaborate, leading to better results.


Digital workforces are the future of business. As more and more businesses are moving towards remote workforces, communication is more important than ever. To be sure your team has the best communication channels, you need a unified communications platform.