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The cost of getting a copy machine is – unfortunately – not limited to the initial cost of purchasing the device. You still need to spend money to repair and maintain your machine, and not to mention the exorbitant costs of new toners and cartridges. But you can save yourself this headache by employing a copier service provider.

Most copy machine vendors offer an after-sale partnership that you may reject if you don’t understand how it benefits your business. Therefore, this article will show you the benefits of hiring a copier service provider.

What Does a Copier Service Provider Do?

A copier service provider is a company that helps businesses handle after-sale services on their office equipment. Copier services not only include installing and servicing the machines but also provide repairs, maintenance, and replacements of cartridges and toners.

These professionals take the hassle of worrying about your machine away from you. With a reliable service provider, you can use the copier seamlessly, flag any issues, and focus on other vital aspects of your business while the technicians sort out any problems.

Unfortunately, some businesses don’t see the need to employ the services of a copier service vendor because they probably think they can handle all other issues themselves. But why bother when you can trust a copier service provider to handle it?

Why You Need a Copier Service Provider

Like all machines, your copy devices will jam or break down on you at some point. And the worst part is that it can happen while preparing important documents. At that point, a copier service provider will come in handy as they are available to get your machine up and running without a hassle or provide a temporary replacement while they service the device.

But if you need further convincing as to why you need a copier service provider, check out these benefits of getting one.

Reduced Cost

As established earlier, the cost of owning a copy machine always extends the initial cost of the device. Even if your machine never breaks down—which is impossible—you’ll still need to replace toners and cartridges.

So, instead of having to buy them yourself or spend unplanned expenses on repairs, you can hand that over to the copier service provider. Usually, you pay a certain amount every month to cover everything, including services, repairs, and accessories.

That way, you’d be able to save more than the amount you’d have spent finding an emergency repairer or replacing accessories. Bear in mind that emergency technicians usually charge more, especially when it is apparent you need your machine up and running in no time.

There is also the argument of having predictable copy service costs every month. You can add it to your budget and have a more organized account at the end of each month. That’s a better deal than the unplanned expenses that come with handling your machines yourself.

Improved Maintenance and Repair

Although quality copiers are durable and reliable, a lot could still go wrong with them. That’s why they need constant maintenance and servicing to keep nuts and bolts lubricated, change parts that are worn out, and make sure everything is in order.

Copier service providers will save you the stress of finding an emergency technician, who may not only be expensive but may not be able to handle your brand of copier. Like car repairers, some copier technicians work with only a few copier brands and might not provide a full service to a model not bought from them. However, copier service companies usually employ a diverse group of well-trained experts who are experienced with different kinds of brands.

Maximized Service Response Time

Businesses get better response time with copier service providers because, in most cases, all you have to do is call them. But if you don’t have one, you’d spend a lot of time finding one, handling paperwork to sign them on, and getting them to identify your office.

All these can be prevented if you have a contract with a company dedicated to providing you with the best service at the right time.

Enhanced Productivity

Many businesses do a lot of documentation and, thus, need efficient copier service. You are likely to be more productive when you have a service provider at hand to respond to you when you need them to.

Instead of wasting time looking up the best technicians in your area, you can quickly put a call through, and they can get to you in record time. Plus, they are familiar with your machine, so that will reduce the time required to troubleshoot the issue.

This will take less time to get your machine functioning again and get you back to the day’s business.

Extends Beyond Warranty Terms

Most heavy office equipment comes with a warranty. However, a warranty covers only a limited period. In many cases, it’s at most ten years. What happens after the warranty period expires? Who do you call when you need emergency repairs? A copier service enterprise will come in handy at such a time.

And even during the warranty period, there’s so much that a copier service contract covers that a warranty doesn’t. Some expenses are still transferred to you. So, you’ll be getting a better deal with a copier service provider.

Expert Knowledge

There’s no way to be confident of the expertise of any emergency technician. Of course, they might have good reviews on their website, but even unreputable vendors have positive reviews. You can only be sure about the reviews by how your machine fares after they tinker with it.

But why go through that amount of uncertainty when you can just get a copier service contract? You don’t need to risk a self-proclaimed expert messing with your device when you can get a company to handle your machine. In most reputable companies, their technicians are well-trained with years of experience. So, you can rest assured that your device is safe.

Find The Right Copier Service Provider

A reputable service provider will save you a lot of stress on your copier or other office equipment. As a business, it is one of the investments you should consider making to keep your company running like a well-oiled machine.

However, remember that the first rule about getting a copier service company is to get a reputable one. Luckily, you don’t have to look too far if you are in the New York, Totowa, Cherry Hill, Edison, and Ft. Washington areas. Docutrend has established itself as a reliable copier service provider over the years. Reach out to Docutrend today to find out about their copier services.