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Schools, administrators, and teachers face unprecedented times due to COVID-19 related school closings and distance learning. The pandemic forced many industries to integrate digitally, and schools are one of those. While the pandemic has been trying on many, one slivering lining is it showed us an easy way to handle documents without all the paper. One of these strategies is backfile scanning. When an organization backfile scans, it takes existing paper documents and creates compliant electronic records. These are easier for administrators, teachers, and students to access because the documents now exist in an online format accessible from virtually anywhere there is the internet.

What are the benefits of backfile scanning strategies?

Since remote business and learning are becoming more normal, backfile scanning is now essential. Plus, even after the end of the pandemic, remote and digital functions will remain an asset for many industries. Using this system means several things for your teachers, administrators, and students. They can work full speed as they access files faster online. Your overall organizational structure will be improved thanks to electronic documents. No more cumbersome file cabinets or mountains of physical paper. If you have an array of desktop scanners you can update information easily in the digital bank.

Overall, your staff and students will be less frustrated if they can access the documents they need online. They won’t need to spend hours looking for the physical copy of a document or form. You will also experience increased security and compliance. If you outsource your backfile scanning to a vendor, they can ensure your documents are compliant with HIPPA, FERPA, and various other regulations. Integrating cutting-edge technology is only going to move your school system forward. Your organization will be streamlined, and your staff and students will be much happier and more productive.

How do I set up a backfile scanning system for my school district?

There are many vendors you can outsource your backfile scanning systems. Many of them offer quotes that are dependent on your estimated paper volume. Many vendors charge on the number of documents they scan and digitalize for your system. You can build an internal system to perform backfile scanning. Your system can occur as centralized or distributed. Centralized is when you send and scan all your documents in one place. Distributed is when various branches scan and upload documents to your EMS or electronic management system. Whichever you choose, there are some things you need to consider.

Outsourcing is the least time-consuming and cost-effective because it does not require you to set up an infrastructure for scanning. This option may be best for your school system if you plan on backfile scanning a low volume. Desktop scanners are not sufficient to operate your backfile scanning system. You will need high-speed Canon scanners or large copy machines, and these models can get expensive. If you have many of these, they are just spread out across your district, you may want to set up a distributed system. This way you won’t have to pay to move them.

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