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When buying or leasing a copier, one common question that vendors ask is whether you need a copier service contract. Unfortunately, many buyers are not always sure whether they do for various reasons. One, because most don’t know what a copier service contract is. Two, because some assume their copier won’t break down any time soon.

Here, we’ll explore all the details of a copier service contract to help business owners make sound decisions about it.

Getting to Know What Copier Service Contracts Are

No matter how new a copier is, at some point, it will break down, even with regular maintenance. Typically, this happens because of the wearing down of components with continued use. This is where a copier service contract comes in. Simply put, copier service contracts are similar to insurance covers. By signing it, the service provider takes on the responsibility of repairing your copier should it malfunction. That’s not all. The contract also covers copier components that require frequent replacement, including the fuser assembly units, toners, developer units, transfer belts, and drums.

Just as you pay for insurance premiums, copier services also come at a fee. Once both parties sign the contract, it becomes legally binding. Any of the parties will have the right to sue if the other fails to meet their end of the contract terms.

Copier Service Payment Models

The amount you pay for copier services varies by category and depends on the users’ varying needs. They include:

Pay-as-Go Payment Model

In the pay-as-go payment model, you typically pay no cost upfront. Instead, you wait until the need arises. As such, you’ll only call and pay the service provider when your copier supplies get depleted or when the copier breaks down. This payment method is ideal because you don’t overpay.

However, you are prone to experiencing price fluctuations that commonly affect copier-replaceable components. Moreover, the repair services might become overwhelming, given that copiers are prone to malfunctioning as they age.

All-in-One-Lease Payment Model

The all-in-one-lease payment model involves a predetermined fixed monthly price based on the number of pages produced. It covers the monthly utilities, repair, and maintenance of a given number of copiers. With this model, your business can budget for its monthly expenses without the risk of incurring unexpected expenses.

The only downside with this method is that even if you don’t use all the services and print supplies included in the package, you’ll still pay the same amount.

Separation of Lease and Maintenance Method

The separation of lease and maintenance method, also called cost-per-page contract, charges for copier supplies and maintenance services separately. In this case, you pay for supplies based on the number of copies or pages you have printed.

At the end of the month, the service provider will multiply the number of pages you’ve printed with the agreed fixed price per page. They might also add any repair and maintenance costs you have incurred. This method is suitable for small businesses that might be looking for ways to reduce costs.

The Contents of a Copier Service Contract

Technically, a copier service contract differs from one service provider to the other. However, there are some basic features all have in common. Your contract should include:

Parties Involved and Their Relationship

Since the contract is legally abiding, it should contain the legal names of all parties involved. That is, your name and that of your service provider. It should also state the kind of relationship that exists between the two of you.

General Description of the Equipment Involved

Everything about the contract revolves around equipment. This section should explicitly state the equipment in question. It should go further and provide details such as the serial number of each device involved, the accessories attached, and its condition (for example, is it old or new?).

Scope of Equipment Coverage

In this section, the contract explains the work the copier service provider is supposed to perform on the equipment. It should clearly state the supplies the service provider has to replenish and the maintenance and repair work they ought to perform.

To avoid confusion, it’s worthwhile to include the equipment parts and services not covered by the contract.

Charges Applicable

Besides clearly stating the overall cost you have to pay, a copier service should break down the costs. It should have the price charged for each copier item supplied, the repair costs, and the labor costs.

Service Response Time

Copiers, like other office devices, can break down without warning. As such, it’s important to have an understanding of how fast the service provider will show up on-site to do repairs. It’s also essential to include a reliable method of communication. This prevents misunderstandings between the contracting parties.

Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance work can be disruptive, especially when if it occurs during peak hours or seasons. Stating maintenance hours in the copier service contract helps you organize your schedule in advance.

Duration of the Contract

Here, the contract should state the start and end date of the agreement. Unless you renew the contract after the end date, the service provider won’t be liable for supply replacement or repair work that is needed after that period.

Signatures of the Parties

A signature shows that both parties have read and mutually agreed to the terms of the copier service contract. Without the signature of either party, the contract won’t be legally binding. This means that neither party can sue the other in case of default.

Why Having a Copier Service Contract Is Necessary

Having a copier service contract can be beneficial to your business in the following ways:

  • You’ll always have control over your documents. Regular maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns, ensuring a smooth flow of business activities.
  • You can predict copier-related costs. The contract gives you a rough estimate of the costs you’re likely to incur, eliminating assumptions while budgeting.
  • The services extend your copier’s lifespan.
  • You shift the burden of unexpected costs to the service provider’s shoulders.
  • You can customize the services to fit in the cost range your business can afford without straining.

Keep Your Copier Functional

Having a reliable contact for all your copier needs can save you tons of disappointment. You’ll waste little to no time when the copier fails and do not have to worry about replacing toner, drums, ink, and other supplies. All this is available if you enter into a copier service agreement with a reliable company.

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