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American Express lists lowering supply costs as one of the best ways to reduce your expenses as a business owner. One of the most effective strategies is to work with a dependable copier leasing company. Finding one is the hard part, but we’ll make it easier. Coming up are the 7 key considerations when looking for a copier leasing company.

Guide to Finding Your Copier Leasing Company

Even if you’re an experienced business owner, partnering with the right copier leasing company is difficult. Many providers are out to scam you, but the following tips will help you avoid this problem.

Tip 1 – Analyze Your Needs

You don’t want to work with a vendor with copiers unsuitable for your business. The machines should complement your expected growth and have robust features to perform the necessary operations.

The main factor you need to consider here is the materials you’ll be copying. Whether you need a copier for standard paper, flyers, or catalogs, make sure your provider can deliver adequate offerings.

Tip 2 – Look for References

When discussing the terms of your cooperation, a copier leasing company may make big promises to appear more attractive. It’s essential not to be blinded by their words. Otherwise, you may end up with low-quality equipment and lose a ton of money due to malfunctions and delays.

You can avert this scenario by asking for references. Check the experiences of previous customers to verify the company makes good on its promises. Besides offering high-quality copiers, the vendor should also have good response times when dealing with emergencies.

Additionally, determine if the lease company has a sufficient number of technicians near your premises. Inquire about their experience and if they’re familiar with the copiers you’ll receive during your lease term.

Tip 3 – Be Sure the Provider Lets You Choose Between Multiple Types of Agreement

When looking for a copier leasing company, you need to have freedom when choosing your agreement. In most cases, reputable vendors let you select from two types of contracts: operating lease and capital lease.

On the one hand, an operating lease is the most common form of copier lease agreement. It’s a straightforward contract about copier renting that allows you to buy the device at the end of the term. However, make sure the price includes depreciation caused by wear and tear and other factors that may have arisen while you used the machine. The monthly payments are low, and as you’re renting the copier, you shouldn’t need to incorporate the asset into the balance sheet.

On the other hand, capital lease agreements are less frequent but can be beneficial. These contracts are practically a loan with the interest and principal going toward the price of your copier. You can also purchase the machine once the lease ends and you agree on a buyout price in your contract. It’s perfect for business owners who don’t have enough funds to buy a copier outright. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to include the copier on your balance sheet if you sign on the dotted line.

Tip 4 – Go Through Your Contract Carefully

Again, the contract is critical when selecting your lease company. It should contain all the elements that dispel any confusion surrounding your cooperation.

For instance, the term length should determine the monthly payments, depreciation, and interest. Most agreements last three to five years, and you should be able to negotiate the terms.

Furthermore, your service agreement should be based on the amount of copying your copier does on a monthly basis. The lower the volume, the lower the cost of your arrangement.

If anything in your contract sounds fishy, ask the provider to clarify it. An honest copier leasing company should explain the lease process thoroughly so you can avoid unpleasant surprises down the line.

Tip 5 – Evaluate the Vendor’s Assortment

You want to make a difference in your business with a high-quality copier. The only way to do so is to work with a vendor who has access to the most prominent brands. These are recognized for their reliability and quality, giving you peace of mind.

Be sure that your provider is authorized to provide cutting-edge equipment for your premises. Ask about their relationships with major manufacturers. If they maintain close cooperation with these high-end companies, you’re more likely to receive excellent support and warranties.

Don’t let companies rent you off-brand products. They might be more affordable initially but may cost more due to higher repair and maintenance costs. The reason is simple – obtaining parts for lesser-known machines is harder.

Tip 6 – Check the Provider’s Supplies

Having copier supplies at hand is invaluable. If you rarely run out of toner or paper, you’re more likely to continue your workflow and prevent delays.

Your provider can ensure this with steady supplies. Even if your copier breaks down or you run out of materials, the vendor can replenish your supplies from their bulky stock. This reduces downtime and makes the equipment easier to maintain.

Tip 7 – Look for Transparency Throughout Your Collaboration

You might have several concerns before and during your cooperation. If so, the copier leasing company should dispel them to ensure a smooth lease term.

Also, don’t sign anything without thoroughly reviewing the documents. Be sure the company is transparent about fees, renewal clauses, and damage coverage.

Why Is Working With a Reliable Copier Leasing Company Important?

A copier leasing company that meets the above criteria can help optimize your business. Here’s how:

  • Efficient copying – Vendors who work with top-end manufacturers let you use state-of-the-art copiers, which are more efficient than off-brand and outdated devices.
  • Maintenance costs covered – A well-established provider should offer copier maintenance without charging you extra.
  • Less downtime – As you gain access to outstanding machines, they’re less likely to malfunction and cause downtime.

Elevate Your Operations With an Industry-Leading Supplier

You need to be comprehensive when choosing your copier leasing company. Apply these seven tips, and you’ll be able to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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